Marty Morrissey (left) and Joe Brolly

“I have spoken with Joe Brolly about the comments he made in relation to RTE Sport’s GAA Correspondent and commentator Marty Morrissey on last weekend’s Sunday Game Live broadcast. Joe is acutely aware that his ill-conceived attempt at humour was both inappropriate and extremely hurtful and had no place in any broadcast.

Further, Joe is fully cognisant of the fact that similar comments in any future broadcast cannot and will not be tolerated. Joe Brolly has spoken at length with and offered a heartfelt apology to Marty Morrissey which was graciously accepted. All parties now consider this matter closed…”

Ryle Nugent, head of RTÉ Sports this afternoon.



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This afternoon.

Leah writes:

People dressed as sheeps and cows lead a demonstration with more than 100 supporters of ARAN [Animal Rights Action Group] and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) before delivering a letter into the Department of Agriculture,to bring attention to the ongoing live transport of tens of thousands of Irish farm animals who are sent abroad to suffer in ships. They await slaughter in countries that most often have little or no animal welfare standards….

Animal Rights Action network (Facebook)

(Leah Farrell (Photocall Ireland)