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Broadsheet on the Telly returns with an Eight Referendum Special at 10pm streaming live above and on our YouTube channel.

Join Yes and No voters for a THREE HOUR show debating the Eighth stretching to 1am. Topics will also include RTÉ and The Disclosures Tribunal and other ‘stuff’.

Three. Hours.

‘Potty-mouthed’ language (eg. ’spizz’, ‘bastard face’, ‘fucky-poo’, etc.) anticipated.


Three hours though.

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Billy writes:

Coughlan’s carpet shop has stood on the corner of Aungier St and Longford St Little [Dublin 2] for decades. After it was recently demolished, the demolition crew were stunned to find two petrol pumps inside a cupboard!



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This afternoon.

Outside Scoil Thomas, Laurel Lodge Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

Con Kennedy tweetz:

I thought you couldn’t canvas or have election/referendum material within 100m of polling station? Here’s my poling station this morning with 4 (one hidden) poles with NO posters on it.


Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan; George Gibney; and journalist Irvin Muchnick

This week.

Further to Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan writing to Shellie Pfohl – head of the new US Center for SafeSport – to formally request an investigation into former Irish swimming coach George Gibney….

US journalist Irvin Muchnick, of Concussion Inc., reports that the US Center for SafeSport has opened an investigation into Gibney.

Mr Muchnick writes:

The SafeSport Center’s investigation begins as O’Sullivan engages with American politicians closely identified with the youth sports coach abuse issue in this country — principally Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California.

This development also coincides with Congressional hearings this week in which Tim Hinchey, CEO of USA Swimming, and other national sport governing body heads and Olympic officials are being called on the carpet after the scandal of Larry Nassar, the prolific molester doctor of USA Gymnastics, raised the problem to its highest profile yet.

In a May 7 letter to O’Sullivan, the SafeSport Center’s Jocelyn Shafer confirmed that it was undertaking the investigation that had been requested …Shafer said the investigation was being overseen Malia Arrington, the center’s chief operating officer under CEO Shellie Pfohl.

Former Irish swimming coach George Gibney was charged with 27 counts of indecency against young swimmers and of carnal knowledge of girls under the age of 15 in April, 1993.

He sought and won a controversial High Court judicial review in 1994 which quashed all the charges against him.

After this, he left Ireland for Edinburgh, Scotland and then the US.

Gibney was granted a visa during a visit to the United States in 1992 – seemingly aided by a Garda character reference – a year after people who had been abused by him started to speak up and organise themselves.

In March 2015, it was reported that police in Colorado, America, investigated a complaint of sexual assault made by a young swimmer against Gibney in October 1995 – a year after the sexual abuse and rape charges against him were dropped in Ireland.

At the time of the complaint, Gibney was working as a coach in the North Jeffco Parks and Recreation District.

The Arvada Police Department in Colorado couldn’t establish if any crime had been committed.

US journalist Irvin Muchnick, of Concussion Inc, has previously reported that the police officer who investigated the complaint made in North Jeffco was the mother of a swimmer at North Jeffco.

Attempts by Mr Muchnick to obtain the 1995 Arvada police report have been unsuccessful as the local government has refused to release it.


Mr Muchnick further reports that this week, in an email answering some of the first questions posed by US Center for SafeSport, Ms O’Sullivan has written:

“He [Gibney] has been in the US since the mid to late 90’s; we know he coached in Arvada, Colorado. We know he was a board member of a programme for youth at risk and was chair of a church’s eye clinic mission in Peru.

“We know our police expressed concerns to US authorities in ’95, ’98 and 2001.

“We also know that he applied for US citizenship in 2010 but this was rejected because he had lied on his application [as shown by investigative journalist Irvin Muchnick’s FOIA case with Judge Charles R. Breyer in U.S. District Court in California].

“While my country has a lot of questions to answer we believe so has the US.

Who facilitated him into the US in the first place; what type of visa did he have; how was he offered employment in the US; why is he allowed continued residency in the US particularly as his application for citizenship was denied. Did the American Swimming Coaches Association assist him in re-locating to the US?”

US Center for Safesport opens investigation of rapist Irish Olympic swim coach George Gibney – has lived in the US since the mid-1990s (Irvin Muchnick, Concussion Inc)

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Behold: the Ferrari SP38 sports car – a one-off custom creation from Maranello based on the 488GTB and inspired by the F40.

All the twin turbo, twin intercooler, V8 rortiness of its progenitor but with bespoke, nipped and tucked, rolled and rounded, quite possibly sensuously massaged bodywork.


 David McCullagh

Tomorrow night.

On the Late Late…

Via RTE:

The Après Match team join Jason Byrne, Emmet Kirwan and Lorna Byrne on a jam-packed line up for the last Late Late Show of the series.

As the country goes to the polls to vote on the referendum on the 8th amendment, the Late Late Show will reveal the results of a nationwide Exit Poll live on air on Friday night.

Prime Time’s David McCullagh will reveal the result of the overall Yes/No Exit Poll question, as soon as it becomes available.

…When eight-year-old artist Roisin Tansey appeared on The Late Late Show last year, she captured the hearts of the nation. She’s back with a very special project…

In a week when the country is reeling from the murders of Ana Kriegel and Jastine Valdez, viewers will hear from Ruth Maxwell, who was subject to a random attack in Clondalkin in 2016.

Plus music from The High Kings and An Emotional Fish.

The Late Late Show, tomorrow night, on RTE One at 9.35pm.

Ciaran Cuffe tweetz:

In 30 years of living in Dublin’s inner city, I don’t think I’ve ever seen scenes this bleak. Homeless people from Ballyfermot, Clondalkin, north inner city and Latvia deserve better

The Abortions Deciding Office.

By Ireland AlternaTiVe.

Starring Grace Lawlor and Siomha Cassidy Hennessy.

Ireland AlternaTiVe

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