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Join old friends, surprise guests and domestic pets as we devour the news of the week from home and ‘abroad’.

Matters under discussion will include the MacGill geezer fiasco, Body & Soul, Cannabis Oil, British Royal family love-bombing and The Disclosures Tribunal.

‘Unwholesome’ language inevitable.

Fuck**g sorry.

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Ah, video.

Fifteen years ago, Ben O’Connor, of Dunlavin, County Wicklow purchased a Canon XM1 mini DV camera.

Ben writes:

I was just sifting through the hours of footage and decided to put together a little edit because I feel enough time has past to give the DV format a nostalgic feel.

Now, these things remind me of a time before smartphones, when to record something was rare. All the footage is untouched and from my hometown Dunlavin.

In fairness.

Music by Radiohead

Behold: the Ethec Electric Motorcycle – designed by 12 engineering students from ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts with a 15kWh battery, front and rear hub motors and a sophisticated air and oil cooling system that combine to provide 67bhp and a 400km range.


1,377 plastic shipping pallets lined up for an acoustically pleasingly, record-breaking ‘domino topple’ by UK handling company Exporta Global.

Here’s the set-up.




This lovely fellow managed to get loose from his back garden in Clontarf today after the side entrance was left open. He is missing from the Malahide Road/Howth Road area of Clontarf. Please share and get in touch if you hear from him/see him!

Thanks Alan Bracken

America’s largest immigration processing centre in McAllen, Texas

The Truth Behind The Wire

Kindly disregard the attention seeking cries of the few.
They are child actors being given scripts by liberals.
Most of the young people there are delighted with
what we’re doing. There is no policy
of separation from parents. It’s just
if you’re going to process the mamas
and papas, you’ve gotta take
the bambinos away.
The wire we put around them,
for their own safety, isn’t even barbed.
In there, we help kids go to school;
even give them haircuts
with our giant – and deadly
accurate – Immigration
and Customs Enforcement scissors.

This is the exact opposite of cages.
Despite the headlines,
no one has been gassed.
There are, and never have been,
any concentration camps.
These children are in temporary custody;
playing video games
and soccer; getting two snacks
a day and lots of sleep
under their resplendent thermal blankets.
The chain-link fencing
we’ve used to divide into bedrooms
the building we’re warehousing them in
is entirely incidental.

Almost none of the adolescents in our possession
have, as of yet, been turned
into bespoke hat-stands
and raffled off to the dissatisfied wives
of Texan cattle-hands.

And we have, as of today, no plans
to use the hindquarters of the small ones
to fashion a new face for
Rupert Murdoch.

Kevin Higgins

Pic: US Customs and Border Protection