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Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

The National University of Ireland conferred an honorary doctorate on former taoiseach Brian Cowen at a ceremony attended by his predecessor Bertie Ahern.

Dr Doom Mr Cowen served as taoiseach from May 2008 until November 2010 when the state entered the bailout.


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Homeless charity Safety Net has launched a petition on Uplift calling for the removal of prescription charges for homeless people.

Safety Net writes:

Homeless people suffer more ill health than the housed population and therefore have a higher need for prescription medication.

Many homeless people cannot afford the €2.50 prescription charge payable on every item.

Homeless health services repeatedly come across homeless patients who cannot afford their medication and so may not complete a course of antibiotics or take heparin for a clot. They often end up in hospital because of this.

Homeless people are registered with local authorities and therefore it is possible to identify individuals so they are exempt from this charge.

The petition can be signed here

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Anthony Sheridan writes

Establishment/Irish Examiner journalist Daniel McConnell tweeted the above comment  in response to the Irish Water debacle in Louth and Meath.

What’s really amazing is the apparent ignorance of journalists like McConnell when it comes understanding the real, underlying reason for the rebellion against water charges.

Journalists such as McConnell are apparently incapable of going beyond the economic collapse of 2008 when analysing the on-going, historic changes in the political landscape.

They appear to be completely unaware that the water charges campaign has little to do with water and everything to do with the dramatic and continuing collapse of the old corrupt political regime made up principally of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the now almost extinct Labour Party.

Since the 1992 election when Dick Spring reneged on his promise to rid Irish politics of the disease of corruption by joining forces with the criminal politician Haughey, the Irish people have been progressively losing faith in, not just the political system, but the State itself.

This undeniable and obvious rejection of the old regime is there to see in election results for all those not wearing establishment blinkers.

Those wearing blinkers such as McConnell appear happy to analyse the political scene under the simplistic and insulting (to citizens) idea that it’s all down to an ignorant people, angry with austerity, being led astray by evil Trotskyists.


Daniel McConnell: Happy to wear establishment blinkers (Anthony Sherida, Public Enquiry)


Disclosures Tribunal timeline

The trail of allegations both contaminated and uncontaminated against Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe revealed during the course of the Disclosures Tribunal to date.

Anon writes:

You’re doing a terrific job reporting on and keeping track of the Disclosures Tribunal. Thanks to all involved!

I was trying to explain events to a friend the other night and came up with this timeline graph (above). Might be a handy visualization for any lost in the who’s who.

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Publishers in the Irish market have now come together to develop their own form of programmatic advertising. If it comes to pass advertisers will pay into a central pot to reach specific audiences.

It is a collective solution to the demands of advertisers used to dealing with the likes of Google and Facebook who want to reach a critical mass of readers in very specific categories.

…..In response all of the major newspapers, including the Irish Examiner, The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, the Irish Farmers Journal and the Ireland edition of The Times, are in talks to form an alliance to stem hemorrhaging advertising sales.

You haven’t heard about this nascent coalition, unprecedented on this island, because the talks have been kept secret in the hope of ironing out a deal acceptable to all parties.


Press hits back in advertising battle (Tom McEneany, The Times ireland Edition)

The NOT AT HOME project will first be presented as a live theatre installation at the Dublin Fringe Festival this September.

Grace Dyas and Emma Fraser present the issue of travelling abroad to access abortion services and is based on testimony gathered from women around Ireland that have had this experience .

Grace and Emma took to Liverpool where they recorded audio and video of the journey and the people they met on the way to the clinic there.

Grace Dyas speaking at the launch of the Dublin Fringe, said:

As the conversation around abortion access gets closer to a referendum next year, the divide between those on both sides continues to deepen and become more entrenched.

As that gap widens, the space for calm and thoughtful articulation of women’s lived experiences gets smaller and smaller.

We are developing NOT AT HOME as a calm, inclusive way to reclaim some of that space for the thousands of women who have travelled and will travel before the current regime is changed….

The project is continuing its appeal to women who have travelled abroad to access abortion services to submit their stories via the project’s website www.notathomeireland.com. These stories can be submitted anonymously or otherwise.

Not At Home

Dublin Fringe Festival 2017

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Relive the best days of your life.

Osgur Ó Ciardha writes:

Leaids, tugaim cuireadh gach mí ach ní thagann sibh. Ní fhreagraíonn sibh fiú. Is trua, ach seans nach bhfuil sibh líofa sa Ghaeilge (and that’s ok! ) So, aistreoidh mé an chuid eile.

Pop Up Gaeltacht is a monthly guerilla-style Gaeltacht that can be found in diverse bars and pubs all around the city. The concept has spread across the country and the world, having taken place in New York, Paris, Toronto, London, Belfast, Cork to name a few.

The next one will take place in Zozimus Bar [Annes Lane, Dublin 2] tomorrow night. I am sure some of your readers would be interested. At the very least the comments section will be busy….


Pop Up Gaeltacht, Zozimus (Facebook)