What you may need to know:

1. Iranian Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari was imprisoned and brutally interrogated for 118 days while reporting for Newsweek on the 2009 Iranian presidential elections.

2. Bahari’s interrogator would only identify himself as ‘Rosewater’, hence the title.

3. The film has been adapted from the bestseller memoir ‘Then They Came For Me: A Family’s Story Of Love, Captibvity and Survival (2011)’ by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. Stewart is also making his directorial debut here.

4. The Daily Show has another connection to this story. This interview between Bahari and Jason Jones, the comedic foreign affairs correspondent for the Daily Show, was used as evidence of Bahari’s association with American spies by the Republican Guard.

5. Its a young Che without the motorbike.

6. Iranian State TV have described the film as “an ultra-formulaic movie commissioned by his masters, a story of the American-Israeli sedition in 2009”, as “anti-Iranian propaganda” and says Stewart’s clearly being manipulated by the “Zionist lobby.”

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: Not comedy central

Release Date: TBC


Tara Whelan writes:

“My Bray [Co Wicklow]-reared sister, currently living in Toronto, is showing and selling her work at Fan Expo (Toronto) this year. There’s a selection of Game of Thrones-inspired sculpture and artwork on offer, including a series of six “What if” Stark children and direwolf prints. Also available from her Etsy site [link below]. A plug would be great-  trying to keep her at her art…”

Saraphis Creations

Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.

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‘Wicklow Litter Watch’ reports “thousands of copies” of the Wicklow Times dumped close to Tinakilly House in Rathnew.

The incident has been reported to the Pure Project for an Environmental Officer to investigate the site and remove the material.

More as we they get it.

UPDATE: Response from Wicklow Times (see comments).

A huge wasp nest discovered by exterminator John Birkett at the unused spare bedroom of a house in Winchester. According to the Hampshire Chronicle:

“I opened the door and I just couldn’t bloody believe it,” Mr Birkett said. “It was the most incredible thing I’ve seen. “I got dressed up like a spaceman and tried to destroy as many as I could with the workers flying around the room.” The nest split in half during the struggle, releasing 2,000 wasps. “I was covered in them,” he said. “The room was completely full of wasps.”

MORE: 5,000 wasps found in St Cross bedroom (Hampshire Chronicle)