This evening.

Glasnevin, Dublin 11

Old school fast food fans await to celebrate National Fish ‘N’ Chip Day organised by the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association.

Over 200 chippers will offer half price fish and chips TONIGHT.

Nice ray for it, in fairness.

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This evening.

The Embassy Grill, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Niall N writes:

It’s quiet now (5.38pm) but see it in an hour, it wiNOMNOMNOMNOM

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.26.38

A short documentary, by Irish activist Caoimhe Butterly, filmed at the makeshift refugee camp in Idomeni last month – the camp which the Greek authorities began to evacuate yesterday.

The Border — الحدود is one of three short films directed and created by Ms Butterly.

Two more films, about the Piraeus port and Eko camp will be released soon.

Meanwhile, yesterday Taoiseach Enda Kenny fielded questions in the Dáil about his most recent European Council meetings.

The EU-Turkey deal and the humanitarian crisis regarding refugees were raised.

Readers may wish to note that a) there is video footage which seemingly shows the Turkish coastguard attempting to sink boats crossing the Aegean Sea; b) it’s generally understood that smugglers are not present on the vast majority of boats that arrive in Greece but would rather be found on the shores of Turkey; and c) concerns have been raised about the camps to which people who have been subsisting in Idomeni are being moved.

Mr Kenny said:

The real argument at the European Council was because of the endless flood of people coming from Turkey, in particular, due to its proximity to Greece. Be they from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria or elsewhere, these people have paid large amounts of money to get on inflatable rafts.

It is fine until one hears the Prime Minister saying that they are loaded onto these boats and as soon as they are out on the sea and the first ship appears, in many cases the inflatables are knifed and sunk so they end up in the water and have to be rescued. That is why there is a NATO operation under way off Turkey. It has been successful to an extent but not in the way it should be.

The reason for the European deal with Turkey in the first place was because they wanted to focus on dealing with people smugglers. One can deal with them in an effective way by patrolling offshore while being able to return people entering Europe illegally to where they came from, whereas others who have arrived in Turkey and are based in camps but who wish to be relocated to a European country have whatever the categorisation might be to say they want to be legitimately recognised as refugees or asylum seekers and they want to live and go to Europe.

Those who have paid money to people smugglers and are sent across the short distance to the Greek islands do not have the same intent, whether they are in a camp in Turkey or wherever.

In addition, Fine Gael TD David Stanton also spoke about the humanitarian crisis – after he was asked about the evacuation of the camp at Idomeni by Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace.

He said:

The Deputy [Mick Wallace] also referred to the closing of the refugee camp in Greece. It is my understanding that no official camp exists in Idomeni. Exploitative people smugglers have encouraged desperate asylum seekers to congregate on the Greek border with Macedonia by spreading misinformation to suggest the border crossing will soon re-open and allow them continue their journey to destination countries, including Germany and Sweden.

The Deputy pointed out that the conditions where many vulnerable women and children have gathered are unsanitary and unsafe. I understand from Greek authorities that their intention is to move asylum seekers to reception centres, where their needs, including food and medical care, may be adequately met.

Right so.

Yesterday: Meanwhile In Idomeni

Cannon Fodder

The Border – Idomeni (ROAR magazine)

Transcripts via Oireachtas.ie and Kildarestreet.com


This afternoon.

Donegal Castle, Co Donegal.

The UK’s Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, at a stopover across the border during the couple’s two-day visit to Northern Ireland.

Earlier: Meanwhile, In Donegal



NO, I said Magee!


Charlotte Temple, boss of Magee tweed outfitters shares a joke with with the Royal couple..

Pics via the Department of Foreign Affairs

23/6/2012. Ulster Banking Crisis

Ulster Bank to sell off 900 distressed home loans as part of bigger €2.5 billion portfolio (RTÉ)



“It should also be stressed in the interests of candour that there is seemingly an ideological preference amongst much of the judiciary to uphold the practices of banks and vulture funds, in a misplaced belief that this is necessary in a functioning market or ethically preferable to avoid moral hazard.

“Such viewpoints betray scant understanding of the plight that ordinary people find themselves in and flow from a class-driven lack of empathy.”

Barrister David Langwallner and the housing crisis

Taking Housing From Scandal To Right (Village Magazine)

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‘Sruth in aghaidh an aird’.

The tallest waterfall in Ireland.

With a demonic, if pleasing, twist.

Artist Annie West writes:

I was commissioned to draw a map of the lovely new walk built by those adorable people at Sligo County Council . Thought I’d send a bit of info about this impossibly beautiful spot in County Sligo if anyone wants to visit

This is not Glencar Waterfall (Leitrim) but is about 2 miles up the road from it on the Sligo Leitrim border.

The gas thing about Sruth in aghaidh an aird (roughly translated: “Stream against the height”) also known as The Devil’s Chimney, is when the wind blows a certain way and it’s been raining the waterfall is sort of upside down.

Bad news for Powerscourt though- Sruth in aghaidh an aird is actually the tallest waterfall in Ireland at an eyewatering 492 ft. Also nearby there’s this remarkable bit of creative forestry which no doubt was planted by a fan of John Paul Jones.

The walk itself is a trip through the beautiful twisty gnarly enchanted woods filled with creatures real and imagined.

The walk was built by Sligo County Council under the stewardship of Michael Carty and Ray O’Grady with kind permission of the landowners, Fiona and Mark.

It’s not hugely demanding on the knees and you can do it in about an hour (but add a couple of hours’ awestruck gazing time).

On the subject of real or imagined, I have a very nice (approx A3) limited edition print to give away to whoever can spot how many monsters there are in that map. Not as easy as it looks lads.

Lines MUST close at Midnight.

Annie West

Sligo Walks – The Devil’s Chimney (Sligo.ie)

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.32.32000c4a0b-642

Gardaí at Avondale House Flats in North Cumberland Street yesterday morning, stills from CCTV footage released to media


Further to the shooting of father-of-one Gareth Hutch yesterday morning outside Avondale House complex on North Cumberland Street, Dublin – which was captured on CCTV and distributed to media outlets

Dublin City Social Democrats Cllr Gary Gannon, who represents and was born in Dublin’s North Inner Cityl, writes:

Whatever you may think about the so-called feud and the people involved, at the end of the day, these are human beings and to circulate footage of a man being butchered on a city street is akin to circulating a snuff movie. It is grotesque and does society a huge disservice.

If we allow these victims to be dehumanised in such a way then we, as a society, abdicate responsibility for maintaining law and order and protecting all citizens equally.

Whatever about those who released the footage I firmly believe it is incumbent on our media not to provide a platform for this type of footage which has the effect of sensationalising these murders as if we were dealing with an episode of Love/Hate rather than a real family and their loved one.”