The mark of Paddy.

We are not worthy.

Caroline Keegan tweetz:

Just letting yous know my brother has a birthmark that’s the exact shape of Ireland.

In fairness.


Publishers New Island inform us they have an entire basement of unsold copies a small number of copies left of classic, pareidolia-based best-seller The Broadsheet Book Of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland in their storeroom.

New Island suggest: “Come get them or we bin them” “They would make the perfect stocking-filler.”

A fiver while stocks last.

The Broadsheet Book Of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland , edited by Aidan Coughlan (New Island, €5)

Thanks Some Dad

Na irlanda é pior.

Translation: Ireland is worse.


Luiz Fernando Cruz writes:

I have lived in Dublin since 2014. In 2016 I suffered a stroke while working as a Software Engineer. Since then I’ve been recovering and making videos for YouTube.

Some Irish friends advised me to send you my video ‘It’s Worse In Ireland’ where I get to talk about some of the the things I (and many other Brazilians) believe are worse here when compared with Brazil (my native country).

It’s not a very serious video as I mainly make comedy videos.


LF Vlog

Every week, we give away a Golden Discs voucher currently trading at 25 Euros on the open market.

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This week’s theme: Spooked

To celebrate the Halloween season what song haunts your dreams and sends shivers down your spine in a markedly spooky, but not altogether unpleasant, manner?

To enter, please complete this sentence.

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Golden Discs

The Echo Chamber.

Just ‘dropped’.

The informative, common sense-stuffed, weekly 30-minute podcast returns with Tony Groves (top left) and Martin McMahon deliberating on Ophelia, The Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis, Tweet stealing and why we really don’t know what a tracker mortgage scandal is. Yet.

Contains: Facts, gags and one penis mention.

The Echo Chamber