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The magnificent Ger Eaton.

And his beautifully mad pad.

Donal Moloney writes:

I met Ger a few weeks ago. He fronts a band called ‘The Carnival Brothers‘ [you may recall  last Summer's The Sun Is Gonna Shine]. Ger is as cool as his home in Celbridge [Co Kildare]. His house is a joy to behold and the attention to detail is stunning. He’s also a top bloke.

Donal Moloney (Facebook)

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The 1987 Mount Anville School Fashion Show in its glorious (if slightly dark due to VHS source) two-hour entirety.

Pretty slick for 1987, in fairness.

But where are they now, those cotton-stirrup-pants-and-giant-turtleneck-sweater flaunting angels of South Dublin? Were you among them?


*rolls up sleeves of white linen jacket, twirls on the spot*


(H/T: Eoghan Kidney)

Rosie Naughton, from Hope4Homeless, speaks to Richie, a homeless man in Dublin, who tells her the emergency beds, rolled out in the wake of Jonathan Corrie’s death, will be removed over the next two to three weeks.

In the video, Richie tells Rosie he was told  this by the Simon Community, Focus Ireland and Merchant’s Quay.

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Hope4Homeless (Facebook)

A Supervalu carpark somewhere in Cork.

(Thanks Robinaldo)



This afternoon.

Shivvie writes:

Just saw this guy pull into disabled spot in brown Thomas carpark. He was lightening quick so couldn’t challenge him (though not sure I really wanted to). I’m totally outraged. BT staff don’t look after carpark.