UPDATE: The Alison O’Riordan Backlash Escalates


UPDATE: Following a request from the Irish Times, we have removed the photograph originally used in this post and replaced it with a specially commissioned artist’s rendering of the same image.

Thomas O’Kelly tears the Down At Heart Docklands Girl, etc, etc.

7 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Alison O’Riordan Backlash Escalates

  1. Holemaster

    More of her shit from the Indo rag of rags:

    “With discount shopping being the priority, I had to abandon the sweet-smelling baked bread aroma of Superquinn, in favour of the price imperative Aldi in Rathmines. I found it very hard to ditch the big boys, Dunnes and Tesco, for the new German chains. However, I had no choice but to embrace the slashed prices in the no-frills warehouse-style store.”

    The snobbery of her is hilarious. Get real women. You’re not from Chelsea. I’ll bet she has a stash of Superquinn bags to carry her Aldi shopping in.

  2. Eoin

    This Charming Woman

    A punctured credit cycle
    On a canalside desolate
    Will makeup make a woman of me yeah?

    When in this charming scarf
    This charming woman

    Why pamper life’s complexity
    When the leather runs smooth
    On the roof-terrace seat?

    I would go out tonight
    But I haven’t got a stitch to wear
    This man said “It’s gruesome that someone so orange should care”

    A jumped up Mountie girl
    Who never knew her place
    He said “return the bling”
    She knows so much about these things
    She knows so much about these things

  3. Caryon

    I’m still amazed, by the way, that this woman got a mortgage for a half a million euro property. Going by what she should have been earning, she should have only qualified for a mortgage of E200,000 max.

    Mummy and daddy must have dug deep or gone guarantor. If she’d over-extended herself and forked out E300,000, I might have a bit more sympathy for her.

    But to have paid HALF A MILLION EURO for an apartment is an idiotic thing. When I used to read her Sindo pity pieces, I at least thought she might have a view of the Liffey for that price. Jeez, I live in a shoebox out in the suburbs…but at least I didn’t pay HALF A MILLION EURO for it!

    If we as a society end up bailing out the likes of this lady, then I’ll be on the next plane to anywhere else but here. Seriously, editors have to stop re-publishing her stories, they’re giving me a hernia.

  4. Fi Fi La Sparkle

    Ahh Jaypers…. who the feck gave that yoke a mortgage for a 525k property??? and if it was part of her 5 year plan to leave the city, the bank gave half a million to a 25yr old should be shot and really shouldn’t be surprised when she defaults…. If she has time to be writing all her woah is me pieces, she might learn how to budget…. I find when you are on a budget the boutique shopping on Claredon street and Superquinn’s sweet smelling breads go a bit by the wayside… She would really want to grow up and cop the feck on…

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