Why Did RTE Cut Vincent Browne Off In His Prime?



We have no idea. If anyone has any suggestions…

Having invited Brian Cowen onto his show for the umpteenth time in three years, and had the invitation turned down yet again, Vincent Browne turned up at the press conference in Government Buildings last night and comprehensively pwned the taoiseach.

The highlights:

VB: You don’t think that you’ve contributed to the screwing up of this country?

BC: I don’t accept your contention – the premise of your question – that I am the bogey-man you’re looking for, no.

VB: Who else in public office bears anything like the responsibility for the devestation caused to this country than you?

BC: I don’t accept that…etc.

VB: The reality is – and everybody but you seems to know this – you’re a liability, not just to your party, not just to your government, but to the country, because nobody believes you…people know you’re the guy most responsible for the chaos that’s been caused. Don’t you owe it as an act of patriotism to the Irish people to get out now?

BC: Sorry Vincent I don’t accept the premise of what you’re saying…

You will recall Vincent handed Bertie Ahern his own ass in 2007:


Meanwhile, back in the editing room.

YouTube still from lecraic/Video from irishforfecksake

6 thoughts on “Why Did RTE Cut Vincent Browne Off In His Prime?

  1. Leapleg

    Vincent Browne has been one of the few people who has asked any hard or pertinent questions of our ‘Leaders’ over the last few years.

  2. Quint

    Vinne B is, to use a term I hate but will do here, the voice of the people. He asks the questions we want to ask and his late night TV3 programme is essential viewing in these grim times. RTE are c**ts.

  3. Marcus Aurelius

    RTE wanted to cut the scene of Browne raping Cowen? The station won’t stick in the knife in when it comes to Fianna Faíl. The only reason they’re even mildly critical is because of massive public pressure. Vincent Browne is easily our best political presenter.

  4. wickedfairy

    yes, I am afraid RTE never asked the hard questions, kowtowing to FF and always downing Labour and other parties. I bet they are sorry they didnt give a more unbaised opinion now. FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER – RTE. Ha!
    and yes Vincent Brown is the only show in town and has been for a long time. If more people had watched him rather than RTE maybe we wont be in this mess now. Very seldom would you see an FFer on VB, they were afraid to come on, says it all!

  5. Interested Party

    Excuse me but am I missing something? I watch on in complete amusement at the procrastination’s of Vincent Browne on his nightly programme on TV3. Let me say from the outset that I am from Northern Ireland but I owe the Republic of Ireland a lot considering I obtained a free Law degree from NUI Galway and will be forever grateful for this. I have just but one question, how did this man ever become a barrister? His nightly TV show is littered with mistakes and his linkage is frankly appalling. If this is the way he presents a TV programme one would hate to see how he advocated before a Judge. I find it a bit nauseating to listen to this man lecture on the failings of Irish business considering his somewhat well documented chequered success in business, “The Pot calling the kettle black” springs to mind.

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