We Have Ghost Estates: China Has Ghost Cities

A $19 billion development in Zhengzhou, packed with blocks of empty apartments
The New District Residential Towers: all empty.
Glamorous public buildings in Zhengzhou which have never been used.

China is in the midst of a huge economic boom right now and, in the spirit of Communist nanny-statehood, the government has taken it upon itself to construct vast urban developments wherever it sees fit and – seemingly – without factoring in what the people actually want.

The result: places like Zhengzhou New District (above), home to just some of the country’s 64,000,000 vacant homes.

Wen Jiabao: a word in your ear.

And Now Presenting: Amazing Satellite Images Of The Ghost Cities Of China (Business Insider)

The ghost towns of China: Amazing satellite images show cities meant to be home to millions lying deserted (Mail Online)

8 thoughts on “We Have Ghost Estates: China Has Ghost Cities

  1. Steve

    Why are there lots of cars in the parking lots if they’ve never been used? Also, we do have ghost cities in the US. Look at the big developments built during the eighties all around the midwest.

  2. Uncle B

    Unlike the American Corporatists who rape and pillage the general population every chance they get, China prepares in advance for the population to come! They even build Nuclear reactors to power such endeavors, well planned and in advance of the great need to come! Americans sit on the sidelines in xenophobic judgment, and purpose warped American reasons from their well propagandized thinking patterns and get, of course, the wrong and very distorted answers.
    Beware the well studied communism we witness today! Much intellectual work has gone into winning the economic war against the U.S.a., and now they intend building China with the spoils! America is falling into Third World ship by no small accident! Watch the little Chines Communist bulldog, north Korea play good cop, bad cop in world politics! Watch as the rest of Asia turns towards Beijing! Witness as Asians go for Chinese built cars, Nuclear/electric bullet train networks and their associated infrastructures, and forsake all things American as the 21st century unfolds.
    Yankee Doodle fails: even his mighty Harley Davidson symbol of extreme masculinity, and freedom is now made in India, Goddammit! – And, this was a recent move, since the collapse! since the awareness of job flight to Asia! And, such a symbol! It may have even been the balls of America!

    1. David

      This is an Irish website, not an American one. Please don’t assume that everyone who speaks English is American.

    1. dayner

      These are pictures of Zhengzhou New District. The article doesn’t say the main city of Zhengzhou is deserted. Just this part of it. Wiki reference fail.

  3. Judy, nyc

    tod and uncle B would end up in a chinese jail (and they keep you there a long, long time without redress) just for implying about china what has been said about the united states.
    oh. and they don’t serve like kung pow chicken. just a bit of gruel. and no computer time.
    silly boys.

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