The Leitrim Enda Kenny Heckler – It Was All A Hoax


Meet ‘Cllr Terry Ghusto, who along with his pal ‘Bobby Channels’ (below, in action) pulled off the first überprank of Election 2011.

Nothing is real.


Bobby Channels: Does He Really Exist (

Watch: RTE Coverage Of ‘Interruption’ here

Terry Ghusto’s Website and Facebook.

Madam K And The Heckling Hoaxer

6 thoughts on “The Leitrim Enda Kenny Heckler – It Was All A Hoax

  1. John

    I’m pretty sure I used to work with this this fellow. If it is him, it makes absolute perfect sense. This is the kind of gag he’d get in on.

    1. Julliet

      I was thinking the exact same.. what a shame there are fools like this guy making a mockery of real protest.

  2. david walls

    It proved how ineffectual Gina Fail minders are, “you’ve had your say”, or that great put down(your pint), “thas anuff now”.

    If spENDA pENNY were to flush after heeze finitched, he wuddena hav that smell follying him around with a noose. empty orifice an’ floosh.

    They are all full phucken idiots, this explains their lack of time in government. Gilmore for me.

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