Election 2011 Backstage: Meet The Happiest Guys In The Room

Fine Gael backroom team: Frank Flannery, Party Advisor and Strategist, Ciaran Conlon, Director of Election Planning and Strategy and Joanne Lonergan, Press Officer.
Fine Gael Director of Policy, Andrew McDowell

They’re ushering in a new era of low taxes, stag hunting and zero tolerance towards gay marriage. Yes, they’re the Fine Gael backroom team.

They are the generals of the FG ‘war room’. They’re the guys who prevent Leo Varadkar from wearing leather on the campaign trail and they control Enda like Eugene Lambert used to control Judge.

And they simply cannot believe their luck.

6 thoughts on “Election 2011 Backstage: Meet The Happiest Guys In The Room

  1. Quint

    People hate FF so much that FG are hugley popular by default. These guys don’t really have to do anything.

  2. Paul Reynolds

    Is Ciaran Conlon the guy who used to work in Bord na Mona and Dublin Chamber of Commerce? If it’s the same guy I never really liked him.

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