Ireland’s Biggest Problem Is RTÉ, Says Max Keiser


Economist Max Keiser

“The biggest problem Ireland has is RTÉ, the state broadcaster. [Economist] David McWilliams can appear in a 100 theatres across the country and light up the stage with brilliant analysis and provocative insights into the financial mess Ireland finds itself. He can write books, host festivals and appear on dozens of TV shows. And all that work gets overshadowed by an act of omission by RTÉ who refuse to report on the financial rape of Ireland by crooks that should be in jail.

Two years ago I was asked to appear on RTE. Leading up to the interview, while I was on hold waiting to be introduced, I was asked to give a summary of my views. I explained that an IMF bailout was coming if the country did not start to take these criminal bankers seriously. They reversed the invitation, hung up on me and have never called back.

It’s a shame. When the end comes RTÉ will still be giving the farm reports and dandy stories of local cheese makers that could have been recorded 50 years ago and nobody will know the difference or care.

“Why anyone supports RTE is a mystery. Save your money and buy yourself a ticket out like so many are doing – due in large part – to RTE’s refusal to simply report the news in a responsible manner”

RT‘s Max Keiser responding to this article posted yesterday by David McWilliams.

Max Keiser

Who the hell is Max Keiser?

18 thoughts on “Ireland’s Biggest Problem Is RTÉ, Says Max Keiser

  1. Sido

    Yeah he is right. We have to pay good money for basically, government propaganda with adverts, and high salaries for useless wankers.
    The TV license is a poll tax that allows us to watch stations other than RTE, they are parasitic scum.

  2. Alastair

    Would this be the same David McWilliams that’s hardly ever off said RTE? This suppression must not stand!

    I love the notion that a Russia Today presenter can call RTE is skewing the reality – it’s just other Fox News with a different flavour of codswollop.

    1. SeanF


      Most thinking people know that RTE is a propaganda ridden insular self serving institution. The Catholic Church has its stooges in there, shoe-horning religious guests into tv talk shows and radio programming. Tubridy is one of them.

      The truth will never come via RTE, that’s for sure.

      1. Alastair

        I’m not buying it – Tubridy holds his own views much better than say Tom McGurk – who certainly isn’t in the Church/FF flagwaving game.

        RTE tends towards caution and a degree of sluggishness, but it’s pretty good on the political bias front – with notable exceptions – it’s certainly not institutionally biased. Refer to pretty much every strand of politics sure that RTE have it in for them.

  3. Fill3rup

    Also the Fact that RTE run a Party Political Broadcast after every 6 oclock news.. i hope the licence fee is abolished as has been hinted,,

    1. Jehovah

      Thankfully, digital TV converging with the internet, will ensure the demise of RTE and the license fee.

      Can’t wait.

  4. Fill3rup

    A Fianna Fail party political Broadcast that is..

    I know that its because FF can afford that slot,buy everyday??

  5. Thomas

    I may not have a lot of “credentials” or “training” unlike this crackpot but surely we have marginally bigger problems than RTE…

      1. Jehovah

        A man who is well informed and speaks his mind is a ‘crackpot’?

        That’s the problem right there.

    1. Alastair

      Like shite. I’d tell him to jump too, if I were RTE.

      Anyone got any actual instances of the supposed censorship, spin, and suppression that RTE are engaged in? Joe Duffy’s one man campaign against the Shinners and head shops excepted.

      1. Samiam

        Ignoring the fact that the IMF were on the way, when Reuters and the BBC were reporting that fact.
        Cutting off Vincent Browne asking Brian Cowen about his culpability in the crisis.
        Refusing to have an honest debate about drugs.
        A ‘Lifestyle’ programming policy that encouraged property speculation by those who could least afford it? (“I’m an Adult, get me out of here”).
        An uncritical reporting of Garda Press statements. (cf The Rossport Saga).
        Ryan Tubrity.

        1. Alastair

          The infinite permutations of the Rossport events/cliques/factions have been covered past the point of distraction on RTE. No cover-up or ‘uncritical’ presentation of the gardai there.

          The house programme!? Show me an Irish paper, magazine, or media outlet that didn’t latch on to the biggest public obsession for years – property.

          Did RTE show the IMF leaving the back door of the Central Bank or not? On the 9.00 news that night? How timely do you want them to be?

          1. Sido

            Come of it Alistair.
            It’s what they don’t say as much as what they do.
            As you are well aware.
            Even if we put aside the political stuff these overpaid creeps perpetrate.
            The plain fact of the matter is that I find myself paying 3 Euros a week for a load of shite. That I don’t need or want. It’s either that or be criminalised.
            What’s fair about that.

  6. Mrs. Sido

    I expect full and impartial reporting from RTE without threat of censorship or repression. Unfortunately, this is not the case. RTE seems to report what it feels is important rather than the issues that are affecting us all. Too many times I’ve had to turn to other sources to really know and understand what is happening here in Ireland. What bothers me the most is that just like the politicians, RTE feels that the Irish people can’t handle the truth. And why should I be paying a licensing fee to them when they accept advertising euros!!!

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