Fine Gael Video Game. Made In USA


Go Ireland, Fine Gael’s answer to Call of Duty: Black Ops appears to have been produced by Election Mall, A US Company with offices in LA, Chicago and Washington DC. Included on the game’s credits page: “USA Patent Pending”

So, only yesterday, Enda was pressing palms at PopCap International on Pearse Street, having paid game makers in the States to create this? Can’t be right. Can it?

Meanwhile, GameGame blog put ‘Go Ireland’ through its paces:

Maybe this is an ironic or existential argument put forth by the creators, allowing us to meditate on the futility of Fine Gael’s policies, or perhaps it is truly just one of the most poorly designed and ill-conceived pieces of political propaganda ever produced.

Full review here.

Thanks Carlos The Jerkyl

7 thoughts on “Fine Gael Video Game. Made In USA

  1. Carlos the Jerkyl

    Props to @AllanCavanagh for posting this on Twitter and retweeted by @TheEmergency.
    Enda “killing” the other candidates with 5-Point-Plan Ninja Stars and “burying” them under makeshift gravemarkers? WTF Fine Gael? Oh – it’s not Irish made… well, at least we can’t be blamed for that…

  2. Slimbox

    On yer bike!

    It’s incredulous that a some senior member of a political party signed off on this. I was hoping an Irish programmer hadn’t made this as the hit detection is shoddy.

  3. James

    I’m strongly considering having a few traffic cones on standby at my door in case any Fine Gael canvassers appear.

    Thanks for the mention btw :)

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