25 thoughts on “Why Does Mr Ó Snodaigh Have English Plates?

  1. RJ Hartley

    Perfectly plausible explanation follows:

    Eh, coz NI vehicles can carry British plates and the van is probably rented by their office in Belfast. Same as when ROI based vehicles operate in NI.

    No mystery, no irony.

  2. John Ryan

    They are English.
    Northern Ireland has its own vehicle licensing dept. and their plates look like this: abc1234.

  3. Goff

    See how a couple of words make people go looking up stuff.

    I should have been a politician.

    Well done, lads.

    Now, make me a cup of tea.

    1. Sido

      You used to be able to import a commercial vehicle in from the UK and pay no duty/VRT . Though this was not the case with cars. I was not aware that the situation has changed. When did this happen or is it just some nominal sum you are on about for changing the plates?

  4. Hank

    Not pictured in back of van: sledgehammer, black balaclava, pickaxe handle, radios and a fluorescent jacket with the word “Garda” on it.

  5. Quint

    What’s the big deal? Sinn Fein are British, hence the number plates. Or maybe they’re off to begin a new bombing campaign on mainland Britain, ie their home country.

  6. Mollie

    It’s his cousin Angus from Ipswich over here to help out with the canvassing, his other cousin Rodeo Rody ( O Snódaigh of Monster truck fame) from America is here also helping out. Everyone knows that.

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