He’ll Die For His Country (Unless He Does Something About His Cholesterol)


Someone needs to go on a hunger strike.

He’s a member of the Real Pie-RA.

Hey, watch him make that cake ‘disappear’.

His Waist Unfree, Shall Never Be At Peace.

He Could Eat A Whole Ireland.

Kentucky-Fried-Tiocfaidh ár lá, etc, etc.

Thanks iPaddy

(Photocall Ireland)

13 thoughts on “He’ll Die For His Country (Unless He Does Something About His Cholesterol)

  1. RJ Hartley

    New “I Can’t Believe It’s Not The IRA”

    Arseholes. Really WTF are they trying to achieve?

  2. Clark Hazarde

    An army marches not on its feet, but on its stomach.

    A satirical website survives not on its humour, but its grammar.


  3. Paul Moloney

    “…will anyone here object if, with a ballot box in one hand, and a delicious pork pie in the oth… OM NOM NOM NOM”


  4. Colonel Blink

    These ‘people’ should be disowned by society and the democratically-elected government as a whole – no electricity, no water supply, no refuse collection, no social welfare, no access to health services – let them rot … actually that sounds a lot like how the traveling community is treated, North, and South, of the border … and all they’ve ever done is choose not to invest in bricks and mortar … lucky b’stards … no, that is not enough for ‘patriots’ like these, let’s give them their own republic, land, or whatever the f**k it is they want … let’s donate the ghost estates to the land mass value of the occupied parts of the six counties they so covet, and let them enjoy that. Christ, why are we still dealing with this shite?

    1. Living in the O6C

      We are still “dealing with this shite” because 6 counties of Ireland are still under British rule. Regardless of what Martin & Gerry spout from their mouths there is still a large opposition to their sham of a peace process.

      1. Ed Van der Hoff

        I know what you mean by “large” opposition. Four fat guys, afraid to show their faces. Hmmm.

      2. Colonel Blink

        “6 counties of Ireland are still under British rule” … so f**king what? Do you think the rest of Ireland is completely autonomous/not under the influence of more powerful countries? Do you think most of the rest of the nations in the world are not under the influence of more powerful countries? Your world view is very dim if you don’t realise that. The majority of the people who live in the six counties, and the Republic, are happy with the “sham of a peace process”, if it means getting along without killing each other and respecting each others differences; that’s enough of a result for us. A return to violence, murder, human devastation and crippling grief will never make sense to us … but then again, we (real Irish patriots/the majority of citizens of the 32 Counties, regardless of creed) are not cowardly members of drug-peddling murder gangs hiding behind the guise of a republican mythology.

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