You Saw The New Budweiser Ice Cold Ad Right?



It’s the beautifully-made Irish lager commercial that involves no Irish people.

Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa, directed by English ad viral maestro James Rouse and fronted by US bearded hipster ‘weather man’ Scott Campbell, it premiered last night during the Champions League.

But what does it mean?

“It means that the hotter the day, the less you pay for a pint of Budweiser Ice Cold.”

In brief?

…the hotter the day, the less you pay.”


If the temperature goes over 20°C, you get a free pint.

The catch?

Only available to people  who download the ‘Budweiser Ice Cold Index’ mobile app. They will receive €2 off at “participating Index bars” when it’s 18°C or 19°C, and a €1 mobile voucher when it’s 16°C or 17°C.”


“And the offer is limited to one free or money-off voucher per day, depending on the weather. According to Diageo, which distributes Budweiser in Ireland, there will also be a limit of four vouchers per week.”


“This is in line with Budweiser’s strict adherence to the promotion of responsible drinking.”