Spiderman Versus The IRA


That’s right. It all happened back in 1986. Blogger Chris Writes sez:

After some extensive research I found out that the Web of Spider-man comic series had indeed brought Spider-man to London and then Belfast where he fought the IRA. It lead to the Marvel office in New York being evacuated after National outrage and eventual Bomb threats.

I looked and looked for traces of the story but unfortunately these issues became increasingly difficult to find. Then, after many hours spent online, I tracked down a copy.

More pages from ‘Little Wars’ here.

‘Little Wars’. The provos must’ve adored that title.

2 thoughts on “Spiderman Versus The IRA

  1. Doctor Crane Lane

    The history presented in those stories was very fuzzy, if memory serves. Clunky expositional passages laid out how the woes between the Irish and the British were all down to… Spanish missionaries!


    And the bomb threats led to hasty rewrites to erase the IRA element from later chapters in the story, which must have been tricky given how the story was set up. Whatever about the political sensitivities, the cack-handed grasp of the history of the situation was astonishing.

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