Garret Was A Decent Enough Man, Enthuses Ian Paisley


Commenting on the death of the former taoiseach, Dr Paisley told UTV: “I thought, in his own way, he was a decent man . . . But I didn’t like what he did on the majority unionist population. Going behind our backs and entering into an agreement with the British government.”

He denied the agreement between Dublin and London was a landmark improvement in relations between Ireland and Britain and that it fostered the subsequent peace process.

“I don’t think it was a milestone on the road to peace,” he said. “I think it was a milestone on the road to put their boot on the necks of the unionist people of Northern Ireland.”


Where’s all the chuckle gone?

Bono Recalls Integrity Of Former Taoiseach (Harry McGee, Dan Keenan, Irish Times)