Google Street View Versus Real Street View


A Google StreetView image of one tornado-hit intersection in Joplin, Missouri contrasted with a photo taken by Aaron Fuhrman on Monday.


3 thoughts on “Google Street View Versus Real Street View

  1. peSHIr

    It does not make the comparision and actual terrible effects in Joplin any less striking, but I do not think the above two images match up… (Just look at the curb that’s showing. If it is the same intersection, camera viewpoints between both images must be looking in different direction.)

      1. slapphappe

        The two BEFORE photos don’t even match up, the one here and the other given with an explanation at — compare the two before shots, look at the house on the right, the door next to the garage door is missing, the difference in the pipework on the roof, a street curb becomes a driveway, missing fencing right up near the house, missing street poles etc.

        Dramatic devastation yes, but not properly compared with what was there before.

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