Then Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Living HERE



What goes on in this town is none of your business.

Words to live by.

Via Big mental Disease

How The Taffin marketing developed from VHS to DVD and got progressively more James Bond-ian.


Includes the worst Irish accent from an Irish person (Brosnan) you’ll hear today and a cameo from Alan Stanford..


26 thoughts on “Then Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Living HERE

  1. Gareth

    I had the exact same exchange with Peter Robinson after a particularly heavy night….

  2. Dave

    I watched this about a year ago with some friends. Half way through the film we began to wonder who it was that saw this guy and thought he’d be a good James Bond. It still puzzles me.

  3. Seán

    You really should credit Adam & Joe for this, if they brought it to your attention. If they didn’t, then it’s a scary coincidence!

  4. jus thinkin

    Dr Buckles and Cornballs for the cultural victory yet again
    as we move into a Presidential election and an even more arcane bizarre time of international financial alchemy and wish making their
    ‘nonsense nonsense nonsense’ mp3 sample may be vitally important to the sanity of many too

  5. PeteS

    Adam’s really great and he’s wonderful, Joe is really, really, really, really brilliant (they’re fantastic). But which one is the best?

    1. BMD

      You shouldn’t be throwing that kind of question out there until we’ve at least reached a decision on Daddy or Chips.

      1. Stewart Curry

        This is a wee bit sacrilegious considering I’m Pod Squad/Digiforce/a Pod Cat but lately I’ve been enjoying Dave Gorman’s podcasts a wee bit better than Adam & Joes… maybe because they won’t read out my made-up jokes

        1. Sheila

          OMG me toooo! I have just switched to Dave Gormans back catalog and am hook…. I’ve even left the two latest A&J podasts for old Dave Gormon ones!

  6. Foreverchanges

    Fecking hell, never heard of that movie till now. But I really want to see it

  7. woesinger

    Little known fact: Taffin is Bernard Black’s bastard half-brother. It’s in the voice.

  8. Aidan

    It was on BBC2 last week, I tuned in as a fan of Adam & Joe. Essentially the entire casts of both Father Ted and Fair City are in this film. It’s actually not that awful. I mean obviously it’s awful, but it’s still very watchable.

  9. Red

    The music in the trailer is the same as the music used in radio ad for the Farmers’ Journal.

  10. Niamh

    Is no one going to mention the fact that Bella from Fair City in in this movie??!! At 2 mins 27 secs

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