Magdalene: Deny ‘Til They Die


“The Superioress and Sisters of The Magdalen Asylum … very earnestly beg the support of the liberal and kind-hearted to help them with the upkeep of the Institution for 130 Poor Penitents, who receive a home within its walls” Newspaper ad, 1955

“The women need help now,” says James Smith, a Boston College English professor who sits on [Justice For Magdalene] JFM’s advisory committee. “They have suffered in silence too long, and many of them feel that the government has pursued a ‘deny ’til they die’ policy.” JFM wants the government to issue an apology, pay the survivors compensation and recalculate their pensions to include any time spent working in the laundries — and quickly, while the women “are still alive to enjoy these deserved entitlements,” says Smith.