Magdalene: Deny ‘Til They Die


“The Superioress and Sisters of The Magdalen Asylum … very earnestly beg the support of the liberal and kind-hearted to help them with the upkeep of the Institution for 130 Poor Penitents, who receive a home within its walls” Newspaper ad, 1955

“The women need help now,” says James Smith, a Boston College English professor who sits on [Justice For Magdalene] JFM’s advisory committee. “They have suffered in silence too long, and many of them feel that the government has pursued a ‘deny ’til they die’ policy.” JFM wants the government to issue an apology, pay the survivors compensation and recalculate their pensions to include any time spent working in the laundries — and quickly, while the women “are still alive to enjoy these deserved entitlements,” says Smith.

16 thoughts on “Magdalene: Deny ‘Til They Die

  1. El Cuno

    This is one of Ireland’s great shames.
    I had 2 nuns into me this morning, collecting money. They f**ked off pretty quickly into my rant. Then I felt guilty. But not for long.

  2. Baile gan gaire

    I knew nothing about these laundries until recently. Just like the ‘clerical abuse’, it has brought shame to Ireland. It also makes me question everything else about the country – how many other people were mistreated? It is the least the current Govt. can do – provide for the survivors and acknowledge the wrongs.

  3. RJ Hartley

    Some sheets and blankets going out had messages written on them with pleas for help and to get them out.

    1. RJ Hartley

      They’d didn’t actually. Just testing the gullibility levels today. They’re low. Good.

  4. Mowl

    Their client lists included the Oireachtas, Buswells Hotel, The Shelbourne.
    White collar neighbourhood.

  5. Paul

    I can’t believe Orieldude isn’t all over this “what video evidence have you that anything happened here? I read that the victims said they were beaten but now they say they were sexually abused, which is it straw man?!”

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