Bishop John Magee and Pope John Paul II

In “Angels and Demons,” Dan Brown’s prequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” an ambitious Irish priest [played by Ewan McGregor, above, in the movie of the book] who is close to the Pope almost becomes Pope himself by plotting and eliminating enemies during a papal conclave. The book’s Rev. Patrick McKenna may well have been loosely based on Bishop John Magee.


New Irish Church Inquiry Slams Bishop John Magee (Irish Central)

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4 thoughts on “Pope And Glory

  1. RJ Hartley

    The Vatican (a foreign state) subverted the Irish state since its foundation in 1922. We have essentially had a dual statehood operating in this country with the people’s parliament subservient to the Vatican on all matters educational, religious and moral.

    The Irish civil servants and politicians who facilitated and encouraged this are essentially traitors and guilty of treason.

    When a Bishop (answerable only to the Vatican in his mind) can threaten a school principle and order her to send children to him for ‘private confession’ during class time, you have a very serious problem. That is the Vatican subverting the authority of the Irish state. Irish priests are Irish citizens and should always obey Irish law. For them to follow the orders of a foreign nation in lieu of their own, must be illegal.

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