Six Lines, Three Minutes, One Unicorn


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Porcelain Unicorn by director Keegan Wilcox beat out 600 other entries to win the Grand Prize for the 2010 Philips Parallel Lines “Tell It Your Way” short film competition, judged by Ridley Scott.

The challenge was to create a three-minute film using only six lines of dialogue: “What is that?”, “It’s a unicorn”, “Never seen one up close before”, “Beautiful”, “Get away, get away”, and “I’m sorry”.


7 thoughts on “Six Lines, Three Minutes, One Unicorn

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    get away. get away was 2 lines but it still brought a tear to my eye

    1. halcyon days

      it should have been immediately disqualified for that infraction alright. what a fix!

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