Planking Is SO Two Weeks Ago


This – God help us all – is ‘horsemaning’ (apparently a reference to the headless horseman in The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow). It all started with a photograph from the 1920s. The rest is recent history.

Horsemaning is the latest photo posing trend (HuffPost Comedy)


3 thoughts on “Planking Is SO Two Weeks Ago

  1. Joe

    the girl on the table has a great body, she suffering form man face however! (the office table ye sickos)

  2. Gaz Top

    Saw that last night and would have sent it to you guys but got distracted by London. Also, should it be horsemanning? I firmly believe that broadsheet’s collective of grammar Nazis should be able to help me out here. While ye’re at it what is the collective term for grammar Nazis?

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