Gay Mitchell: P-P-P-Pick Me


Fine Gael presidential candidate Gay Mitchell went on RTE R1’s Today with Pat Kenny (guest hosted by Myles Dungan) this morning.

On the agenda: gay marriage and his first cousin, crime boss George ‘The Penguin’ Mitchell.

Myles Dungan: “In relation not specifically to Alveda King [relative of Martin Luther King and extreme right-wing catholic] – you’ve quite emphatically said that you do not agree with anybody who says God hates homosexuals – but people are asking would you be prepared to go a step further, and what is your attitude towards gay marriage?”

Gay Mitchell: “Well first of all I don’t want to do anything that weakens marriage. Secondly I supported partnership for gay people – no problem with that. And thirdly let the hare sit, let’s see if there’s any problems with this, how this works out.”

Dungan: “I think gay people certainly have identified serious problems in relation to children, in relation to adoption and issues like that.”

Mitchell: “Let’s not caricature gay people as being different than the rest of us. They’re not different than the rest of us. Gay people have different views about this.”

Dungan: “But they have different rights, this is what they say.”

Mitchell: “No, no, some of them…”

Dungan: “Lesser rights.”

Mitchell: “No no let’s, we, we shouldn’t be saying – we would never say, for example, heterosexual people say this or heterosexual people say that. There are people in the gay community that are quite happy that they’ve got, that this has been achieved. Now let’s, let the hare sit on this, let’s see how this works out, what problems there are with it, and let’s be reasonable and open-minded about it. But I do not want to do anything that will weaken marriage. Incidentally, because I support different forms of relationships – people who are single parents, people who are, people who are living in, in, in relations that they’re not married. But I think marriage is the ideal, and I think there’s something very supportive of my view that people think marriage is so worthwhile that they want to have it. I’m open-minded on the idea, in time – not now. I want to see how this…”

Dungan: “How does increasing the rights of people who are involved in civil partnership in relation to adoption, in relation to children… how does that weaken marriage?”

Mitchell: “I don’t know. and I’m not saying it weakens marriage. I don’t want to do anything that weakens marriage. I want to take our time about this. I supported, em, gay partnership.”

Dungan: “Civil partnership.”

Mitchell: “Civil partnership rather, on the basis that this was going to solve a problem. People asked for it and I supported it, and I have no misgivings about supporting it. Let’s just see how this works out and we’ll talk about where we go from here but let’s do it calmly let’s do it respectfully let’s do it by discussion.”


Dungan: “Another question, from Eddie: ‘Can the candidate confirm whether or not he is the first cousin of George ‘The Penguin’ Mitchell?’”

Mitchell: “I’m the first cousin of an ambassador, I’m the first cousin of people who’ve been involved in the security forces of the state, people who were married to the security forces of the state, people who were school principals, teachers, farmers. I’ve no responsibility for any of them and none of them have responsibility for me. And I think it’s actually not a proper question to be put to a candidate on a radio programme to be perfectly honest.”

Dungan: “But I mean is it, are you or are you not?”

Mitchell: “I don’t think you should put that question to me. This is a matter of record. I’ve nothing, nothing to do with my cousins. I have cousins who play international rugby for Ireland. None of them have anything to do with me.”

(Photocall Ireland/James M Chimney Productions)

25 thoughts on “Gay Mitchell: P-P-P-Pick Me

  1. paul

    I’m related to him as it happens. the man’s a ballbag of a candidate. Can we not just have Norris anyways?

  2. chopp-er

    speaking of hares. I cant help but notice some monkeys on the screen today. Are you aware that half your monkeys are cut off on the screen?

      1. chopp-er

        what title? I can only see half a monkey head on the screen. why is there a monkey on the screen?

  3. Harry

    Why are people like Gay Mitchell so afraid of homosexuals?

    If he really wants to protect the institution of ‘marriage’ above, say, the people who are actually in those marriages, would his time not be better spent demanding the repeal of the divorce act?

    1. Louis

      Given the rate of marriage breakdown and divorce among heterosexual couples, it does appear to me that should Mr Mitchell wish to shore up and protect the institution of marriage, then he would do well to support offering this facility to gay couples who ironically may be the ones destined to protect the values of marriage which he allegedly cherishes as the ideal.This cretin comes across as an unthinking dogmatic coached in matters of mores by the chronically mediocre and self-overrated Lucinda Creighton. Perhaps for a more airbrushed tone to his real views, he should adopt the tactics of magician and conjuror Father Ronan Mullen who is adept at transforming deeply conservative views in to a seemingly middle-of-the-road easy to digest, “consensus-based’ stance.

  4. Nigel

    Oh for God’s sake, just say you’re related to the guy and leave it at that, Gay. It”s a sneaky gotcha of a question and sputtering defensively does not make you look… presidential.

    On the other hand, letting the hare sit on gay marriage is just chock full of gravitas.

  5. chopp-er

    is he saying that his cousin, the penguin, who he doesnt have contact with, is in a gay partnership er civil partnship with his other cousin, the Irish international rugby player? I would have thought we would have read about that in VIP or the like if it was true?

  6. about to emgrate

    let’s just abolish the position of president – there is no one who can do the job, it would save money…did i mention that this gay (mitchell)has NO CHANCE..

  7. Cecily

    Why was he – and so many others – allowed to imply that extending civil marriage to same sex couples will somehow weaken marriage. You can’t say that without substantiating your view. HOW WILL IT WEAKEN MARRIAGE? Will straight people suddenly stop marrying? Will Jimmy down the road leave his wife because two fellas in Cabra got hitched? Will some young couple in Galway decide against getting engaged because two women got married? NO! This horseshit really gets my gusset in a bunch. If his henchemen come to my door canvassing, I will want to know what he has against giving equal rights to my son and his partner.

  8. baddo

    will mr mitchell, ask for clemency@ when his first cousin
    is brought to JUSTICE, also did any reporter look at
    all his expences??? and the wasted junkets he and his family had???

  9. baddo

    pps,is he going to give the rest of his family good , jobs;
    when he decomes president???????? I would say so, what
    does the rest of ireland think??????

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