Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On



No. Not ‘dreams’. What’s the word?

A 1965 British Pathe film about a since closed (and possibly nuked from orbit) palace of stuffage called Mr. Potter’s Museum of Curiosities – created by whimsical taxidermist Walter Potter.


5 thoughts on “Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

  1. Action Man

    ‘..see how sensitive he could be when he took time off from simply stuffing cherished pets..’

    He went on kitten and squirrel murdering rampages?

  2. Emma Hill

    Wow, blast from the past. I grew up in Sussex and we went to see this nearly every year when I was growing up. This stuff still haunts my dreams, endless parades of dead kittens in Victorian clothes. The ‘Who Killed Cock Robin’ was pretty good though. Interesting, I notice they didn’t show the stuffed two-headed calf or the enormous albino two-headed snake…

    Oh and it’s not closed, it’s just moved to the US. I think it was bought by Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not’.

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