17 thoughts on “This Changes Everything

  1. Wizard of OD

    I am just concerned about the side effects, especially the last one – does that mean SF?

    Zeta waves are completely harmless with the exception of minor side-effects such as sleeplessness, irritability, cramping, bloating, myocardial infarction, and a tendency to vote for Republican candidates.

      1. liam

        It says the father is civil rights leader Jesse Jackson….I actually met him in 2001 (strange i only remember shaking hands with him….that has to be the gestation period ever.

  2. Ann Onymous

    I’m having a boy!
    15lb 7oz.
    With Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    I decided to take a sneak peek at our beautiful boy’s birth cert, and it turns out he’ll be born on Christmas Day, 2006. Presumably I’ll be pretty pissed off about missing my Christmas dinner 5 years ago, as I’ve apparently decided to name my son Jenny Hayley Schwarzenegger.

  3. Jonjo

    I’m pregnant too and the father is Fabio. But on the birthcert it says the baby was born in 2006. Hmmm, I don’t remember that.

  4. Willie Banjo

    I couldn’t get this to work…until I realised (obviously) that you have to pee on your computer and see what colour it turns. Turn’s out I’m not pregnant but my computer is

  5. TheQ47

    Apparently, I also am pregnant, with a baby boy who will weigh 16lb 6oz ! yeah, over a STONE in weight. Oh, the father? Yeah, apparently it’s the Pope.

    The miracle of birth, eh?

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