The Photoshoot That Betrays ALL Women (See Pages 13-22)


Taken literally just before lunch.

Models Maitlyn Simmons and Lian Schreuder launch the Hunky Dory calendar.

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(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


32 thoughts on “The Photoshoot That Betrays ALL Women (See Pages 13-22)

  1. Le Spud

    haha you didn’t use the one with the close-up of an arse and the other lady holding the calendar in front of her ladyparts! i demand you upload that one too, it is the crummiest shot from a promoshoot ive seen in a long time. the world needs to know

    1. Ryanlines

      ah now, don’t crop out the close up of the arse!!! that’s like cropping 90% of picasso’s guernica out!


      and possibly: GYNE-ica

  2. Michael

    This is making me think of women as sex objects. I don’t want to listen to a woman now or consider her point of view or her needs. I just want to have sex with as many women as possible.

  3. chopp-er

    I suggest we all abandon any loyalty to Hunky Dorys and buy only Tayto or King cripps henceforth. That will learn them.

  4. Emmett

    The tits on the girl in green are too small…………
    Did I just type that out ………….?
    I’ll get me coat.

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