Meanwhile, In Hughes & Hughes


Andrea Corr and Orla Tinsley at Hughes and Hughes in Dublin this evening for the launch of Orla’s memoir ‘Salty Baby’.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Hughes & Hughes

      1. jase

        I was being flippant in recommending her for the presidency, but what’s not to like about someone who’s articulate, courageous and dedicated.
        You write her off as one of the “elites” by quoting a frigging Evening Herald article which mentions her once (along with a piece in praise of Robbie Keane’s missus). If she was one of the elites, surely obtaining the proper facilities for her treatment wouldn’t be an issue?

        There’s more than one way to work to change the system, as she has shown. The fact she’s doing a bit of self-promotion doesn’t negate that fact…and it’s also a bit rich coming from a man who provides a link to his own website here.

        I applaud you for being a gigantic dick, but having the stones not to be anonymous about it.

  1. Sopwith

    Okay, I saw the previous posting but I fail to see what this is about. A non-entity who happens to suffer from a serious condition (as – sadly – do many, many others), wrote pseudo-psychological stuff in a paper pouring syrup on our country’s ills and how to stop the younguns fleeing now publishes a book? About herself?
    I’m sorry, but there are far more deserving people out there whose stories cry out to be told.

    1. Dave, Dublin

      That’s some cold sh!t right there.

      You should check out her blog before calling her a non-entity. She’s dealing with a range of horrible illnesses and is facing them with the sort of dignity and determination that I can’t even fathom.

      1. Sopwith

        So did a young lady down here only she devoted what little life she had to fund-raising and since her sad death her family, friends and supporters by the thousands have raised vital funds for research. It’s called the Tracie Lawlor Fund. Google it.

        1. Dave, Dublin

          Makes your bitching all the more baffling to be honest. Orla Tinsley’s been pushing for the HSE to fulfil basic promises on patient care for year. CF sufferers in Ireland are dying not because of their illness, but because care in this country is so poor. Good thing there’s people like yourself out their to bravely do fcuk all for them.

          I mean, I’m all for anonymous internet bitching but there’s something depressing seeing it so misplaced. There’s more than enough actual villains in Irish society without having to invent new ones.

          1. Liam

            Couldn’t agree more.
            Sopwith, I hope you reread your comments and feel incredibly ashamed. How dare you blithely declare who is deserving and who is not.

          2. IrelandGuy

            This girl is a hero, most healthy people myself included couldn’t be bothered spending a fraction of the energy this girl spends championing the cause of the vulnerable.

            Credit given where credit is due.

        2. Nigel

          It wasn’t really a relevant question, though. It was a long, disjointed rhetorical question designed to display your disdain and contempt for the subject of this post. It reeked of self-righteousness. At best it was a misplaced lash at celebrity culture. At worst, you genuinely believe that the most significant characteristic of the young lady above is that she is a ‘non-entity.’ Dismissing someone based on their level of fame, as perceived by yourself, strikes me as a capitulation to celebrity culture, not a resistance to it.

  2. Rumpleforeskin

    Isn’t that just great for her? Isn’t it? Look at her there with her book and her ex-celeb. Fantastic place, that Ireland. Wonderful people. Wouldn’t hear a complaint if you stabbed them in the eye. Great. Very green as well, so I hear.

  3. David

    Jesus Christ Lads. I haven’t lived in Ireland since 95, and even I have heard of this girl. She has been championing the cause of CF sufferers for years, and has been interviewed numerous times on the radio, and not just on “Talk to Joe”. She has been fighting the HSE and embarrassing the government for a long time.
    I don’t know, or frankly care, if the book is any good, but it is unfair to write her off as a nobody or, as one contributor did, as one of the elite.

  4. 30/30

    People coming in bitching about a young woman who suffers a serious illness releasing a book?

    Wow, some of you have really, really pathetic lives if that’s what gives you your kicks.

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