23 thoughts on “Spliff Break

    1. John Gallen

      They’re called retail assistants. Originally from a land far, far, far away, they found intern jobs on the JobBridge website on tinterwebby thing and immigrated to this wonderful isle of ours!

  1. idontcarewhatanyonesays

    Well that’s the light spectrum being broken up by a prism, and one of the bands of light is deviating from the light spectrum.

    Neutrinos going faste than the speed of light?

    Or else just something to do with a pink floyd daft punk type remix type thing.

    1. Jewels

      Ah, you’re one of those “everything with a triangle is Illuminati” people… you know when BOD got his hattrick in Paris back in the day? Well he made a little triangle shape with his fingers then after scoring… was that his declaration of being a part of the Illuminati too? Thoughts?

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