47 thoughts on ““The Governments Don’t Rule The World; Goldman Sachs Rules The World”

    1. Mark

      none of these guys are experts on anything but marketing. but dont hate him, he isnt working for Goldman sach or any other bulge bracket bank.

    2. Alan Rouge

      “There are no experts just varying degrees of ignorance.”

      It’s not particularly controversial to say that transnational private tyrannies of corporate Capital have succeeded in using Governments as a glove puppet to extract profit and exert power for it has been thus for quite some time.

      But before we all wet our pants at the invisible hand giving us the finger, remember who Goldman Sachs gets their bailouts from – a state government supposedly acting on behalf of the general will. They are utterly reliant on states and ultimately on someone, somewhere working and producing things for them to extract their profit be it now or in the future.

      There’s no need to show fellas like this any more deference than those of his ilk already enjoy on a daily basis.

    1. IrelandGuy

      Swiss franc is not the best currency anymore, inflation is destroying it now with all the “Big Money” being moved there by people trying to avoid the currency collapse of the Dollar and Euro.

      More francs (inflating the money supply) = Bad news.

    2. chopp-er

      Where can you buy these?

      I have just bought a load of gold bullion to replace all the properties i bought in blanchardstown and Dubai with mortgages I obtained using my dividend income from AIB shares ( bought with personal non recourse loans ) as collateral.

      Will they do a swapsie?

  1. Cathal

    A trader hoping for the collapse of the Euro through the collapse of EU banks telling people to protect themselves by taking out their savings?!! can no one add two and two together? He’s telling people to take a course of action that will make him richer…

  2. McGrath's Domestos

    “What people need to do is learn how to make money form downward markets…” by taking Alessio’s course, of course.
    Look at the Hong Kong snap in Carlos’ link, on the screen: “Not long ago I was sitting where YOU are NOW”.
    And he describes himself as “full-time” trader. Encouraging.

  3. Miles O'Tool

    Remember – it was smug pricks like him who started the whole recession/depression.

    He sells a good story – you’re screwed – but if you do it my way you do the screwing. For a mere 299 bucks you can get my e boook on how to avoid disaster. 499 more bucks will buy you the secret on how to make money from the disaster. 999 bucks will show you how to protect your money. 4999 bucks will buy you the reseller rights for this unique course.

  4. AP

    He’s a guy who essentially admitted he’s short on the Euro and long on 30-year Treasury bonds.

    If he’d written that on a financial website like Seeking Alpha he’d have to disclose his positions, as it is he’s probably just pushing his own agenda

  5. The Truth

    “Goldman Sachs Rules the World” – unfortunately, it is true. Apparently, Sutherland, the head of that fine organisation, was on RTE last week, not answering tough questions about their role in stuffing up the World’s economy but telling us how to fix Ireland. Its like NAMA overpaying their developer mates to fix the property situation, since they are the experts – everyone is an expert in a boom, most are useless in the bust.

    1. AP

      Good username, ‘The Truth’. Peter Sutherland is not the head of Goldman Sachs. He’s a non-executive chairman of one of its subsidiaries.

      1. thesystemwanks

        Sutherland was also General Secretary of the General Agreement on World Trade (which became the World Trade Organisation) He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg group and a non-executive chairman of BP. He was also a Director of Royal Bank of Scotland until he was asked to leave the board after the UK govt nationalised the bank.

        Where-ever there is nastiness in Global Financial markets it’s not too difficult to draw a connection to this “Master of the Universe”.

        In 1973 he failed to take a seat for FG in the Irish General Election. But not to worry, in 1981 they appointed him Attorney General.

        A charmed life I’m sure.

        1. AP

          Yeah, I know he’s exercises a fair bit of influence to say the least.

          I think the most ridiculous job he’s had is basically the chief financial adviser to the Vatican.

          But what was written above is untrue, he is not the head of Goldman Sachs.

  6. iFronde

    How to f**k the guys in Goldman? Very simple, all we have to do is invest in Euros! It’ the long, the short and the tall of it, because they are betting on the collapse of the Euro and they are employing dozens of PR companies to spin this line. If we support the Euro (en masse) we’ll whack some of these jerks.

  7. Why are we not extinct?

    them zerohedge lads are a right shower of tadger yanking blowhards all the same. day after day of “BIG BLOW DOWN HAPPENZ IN 5, 4, 3, 2…oh wait, it’s next week” for what, 18 months now?
    you’d think if you had that much money you’d find something better to do with your time and money than pretending you’re brad pitt ourra Fight Club.

  8. william

    maybe it was an announcement of the next fall guys
    or something to draw attention away from some other threat
    if he does not care like he said i already have distrust when he warns us
    people who don`t care don`t warn the people they don`t care about.

  9. Lisa

    Are you aware of the Occupy Wallstreet protest. There is a complete media blackout on it, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t. The occupation started on September 17th. To learn about it, go to http://www.tjbyrne.com/ There are icons, information and links.

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