16 thoughts on “Serving Up The Classy

  1. Larry

    Women! Get a grip! Why is it okay for men to be portrayed as intellectually inferior and sexually objectified in nearly every advertisement but it’s not okay for any sexual innuendo to be used towards women ? People like sex. It sells. Get over it!

      1. Larry

        Seriously though. Have you ever noticed that men in advertisements are always portrayed as stupid / thick? If that was done with women there would be a bra fire the size of Halloween in Talaght.

        1. Janey Mac

          First sentence gets a +1 for pointing out a bad thing that happens and should be changed.

          Second sentence gets a -10 for having nothing to do with the first sentence, stereotyping, and Just Not Getting It.

          When blatant sexism is pointed out, an appropriate response is: Yes, that’s shitty. And so are these other examples, including the portrayal of men in ads!

          So why do we still get people who go: “How dare you be offended at sexism against women when it exists against men too!”?

    1. Janey Mac

      It’s not ok for men to be portrayed as intellectually inferior and sexually objectified in nearly every advertisement! It’s f**king awful, and so is this ad. So, when you spot the next ad to egregiously use men as sex objects, or portray them as morons (and you say it happens in nearly all of them: I think the latter happens more than the former but I haven’t done an in-depth survey or anything) post it on your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter. Send it in to Broadsheet.ie pointing out its offensiveness.

      Men can be portrayed terribly in ads. That doesn’t mean it’s not valid to complain when women are. It should mean twice as much complaining.

    2. Xiao Liu

      Who says it’s okay for men to be “portrayed as intellectually inferior and sexually objectified”? Marketers do it because sex sells, as you said. But they’re marketers, not moral beacons.

  2. James M. Chimney

    I object to this advertisment on the grounds that it needs more women in order for the call to action to make sense. It needs more Debbi, Mandi & Traci!

  3. Action Man

    That picture will be hanging in NOCs everywhere now. It’s the new mechanics calendar or the barman’s peanut lady.

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