They’re Calling It #OccupyDameStreet Now


No political party or trade union banners, no violence, no alcohol or drugs.

We’re talking about Dame Street here, right?


#OccupyDameStreet on Facebook

19 thoughts on “They’re Calling It #OccupyDameStreet Now

  1. jean

    Whatever it’s called, I wish they’d stop spamming my employer’s Facebook page. Posting the link once is enough thanks!

  2. f-man

    “Bring a drum or percussive instrument, there’ll be drumming after the meditation at 2.30!|”


  3. Chopp-er

    Note they are SUGGESTIONS.

    Not rules.


    It is suggested that there be no violence.

    About as powerful as my suggesting AIB dont pay 1m to new ceo.

  4. Klarticus

    No violence alcohol or drugs ? Have they ever been to the Central Bank Plaza ?
    Wouldnt want to be the one who has to tell The violent drunks & junkies who live there

  5. Michael

    We’re too embarrassed to protest here. Anyway, the usual bandwagon jumpers will ruin it for everyone.


    1. activist

      Are you going to sit at home at your computer and criticise or actually get out and do something?

  6. Klarticus

    Is this another Thinly disguised SWP spin off group ? “people before politics” sounds too much like “people before profit” ,
    Wouldn’t be surprised
    bad choice of name either way.

    1. activist

      no. the point of the name was to parody SWP. also if you notice it says “no political parties”

  7. Em

    **08 October at 14:00 – 15th October at 23:30**

    They want people to stay there for at least a week? Come on, just get a life!

  8. We the People

    It’s part of an Anonymous: “Occupy The Planet” global movement for justice against the plutocracy that has bought and bribed governments so that an elite banking cartel benefits at the expense of we the people as public services are ferociously cut to fund their rapaciousness.

    How many billions have we poured into the black hole that is Anglo Irish Bank so that the “vampire squid”, Goldman Sachs – a major bondholder in Anglo – is repaid? €40 billion of taxpayers money that is criminally diverted from our schools, roads, hospitals and could be put to use to create massive employment or repay every mortgage in this country.

    The madness ends.

    Anonymous: Occupy The Planet

  9. Marla Bee

    About time somebody stood up to be counted. Do you know there is a 65 yr old woman who has been in jail for the past 3 weeks because she wouldn’t allow ESB to knock down her healthy mature trees when they could lay underground lines instead (in accordance with EU directives on the environment). Meanwhile… the bankers, developers and politicians who robbed this country blind and free to sun themselves in the Bahamas (or wherever). I say, support anybody who is willing to stand up for what is only right.

    1. Mike

      Wow, so many lies in one comment. She’s in prison for contempt of court. They are 15 year old commercial forestry which she will be cutting down in 5-10 years for cash anyway. No EU directives force underground cables, but even if there was it would result in the trees being cut anyway to dig the trench.
      Lastly, you total hypocrite, are using technology powered by electricity and telecoms which required the use of laws allowing the ESB to put lines across the country.

  10. Sharon

    I’m delighted to see this event at long last and will be travelling up to it with my family and friends People need to get together and show the government that we have a voice and we will be heard .

  11. Cathal Dunne

    Technically they should really be calling this facebook page “OccupyAngelseaStreet” as it is there that the Irish stock exchange is based.

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