Are We Hot Or Not?


We are not.

We didn’t even get nominated in the ‘Best Website Called Broadsheet’ category.

Curse you, Irish internet gods.

17 thoughts on “Are We Hot Or Not?

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    i’m proposing a “most comment censored” category. so far it’s broadsheet and neck and neck

  2. paul

    those awards are so 2000’s.


    I think ye’re ok even though ye moderate all my comments. literally.

  3. King of the trees

    You get my award for most use of the term squee and most posts of misspelled signs. It’s on the way.

  4. James M. Chimney

    I had hired out the Dawson Lounge and everything…as for the tuxedo chaps I was going to wear, well they’ll keep till Halloween!

  5. Micky Salach

    Stop deleting harmless comments and you might get taken a bit more seriously.

    As seriously has a site like this can be.

    (quick screen grab)

  6. handshakes

    Like most web awards (except the bigger ones like the webbys), as web designer, have a strong feeling the vast majority are based on funny handshakes and pats on the back or brown envelopes of joy.

    Saying that though, noticed that not all my (sometimes riske) comments are always published on this goodtimes site.

    1. Paddywhackery

      Well maybe if you could spell, like, risqué, and such, the lords of might look more favourably blah blah…

      Hard luck, Bodger & Co, you have a great site with good laughs always guaranteed. I’m lovin’ it!

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