Freelance Telegraph correspondent Rob Crilly shows how social media can be an effective tool in endearing yourself to your foreign news editor.


12 thoughts on ““Crilly!”

      1. mickmick

        On the grounds that the comment ‘lowered his reputation in the minds of right-thinking people’?
        Which is the test for defamation of character cases

          1. Fat Frog

            He would have to defend his changing of Crilly’s copy, which he did in such a way as to give it a meaning opposite to that in the original, compromising Crilly’s journalistic integrity in the process. Not defensible. He is a c*nt of Murdochian proportion.

  1. Tom Joad

    I used to cross paths w Rob Crilly when working in Nairobi, a decent journalist but not one to hide his light under a bushel. Would be well within his rights to be p’d off if what is being alleged is true.

  2. okay

    Editor in the pay of big business owners in story amending in favour of interested parties shocker!

    There’s point in reading main stream newspapers anymore unless you want to know what colour knickers X-Factor judges wear.

    They’re pretty much all compromised by being owned by corporations and people who use them as propaganda tools to direct public opinion in their favour.

    (e.g. suppress consumer rights issue stories or anything that examines questionable commercial activity).

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