That’s Not A Punch In The Head. THIS Is A Punch In The Head


The Rippler.

From Reuters Editor’s Choice:

IBF Super Middleweight champion Lucian Bute (R) of Romania punches Glen Johnson of Jamaica during their IBF Super Middleweight championship fight at the Colisee de Quebec in Quebec City, November 5, 2011.

Bute won the fight.



22 thoughts on “That’s Not A Punch In The Head. THIS Is A Punch In The Head

  1. Fairchild

    Would normally have a fairly passive opinion towards boxing as in if they wanna do it, let em – but this picture puts me right off it. How can anyone support a ‘sport’ where the participants objective is to inflict this type of punishment to his / her opponents head?

  2. Mr. Fixie

    Pity it wasn’t Liverpool’s right back/ toilet seat thief Glen Johnson getting the batin there

  3. Irlandesa

    that’s some weird uppercut he’s after giving him, with the back of his hand, but it hit the spot anyway

    1. jase

      I’m not big into boxing, but this shot looks more like the moment after a left hook to the face…the hand is falling on follow-through rather than rebounding from an uppercut…
      (Don’t mean to sound like a smartarse, just in case it comes across that way Irlandesa)
      Brilliant photo one way or tudder…

      1. Irlandesa

        I’m looking at it again, and it doesn’t look like a hook – his hand is outside the other lad’s face, maybe a massive jab. But yeah, brilliant pic.

        and boxing is ***ACES***

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