19 thoughts on “He’s Literally On The Squawk Box

  1. Minderbinder

    Shes still a solid 2″ taller than him barefoot. I wonder if she was told to take off her heels so that she wasnt a half foot taller than him, that might have looked a tad strange.

  2. Jockstrap

    Ah IBEC, haters of employees and their rights, champions of lowering wage expectations and cheer leaders of useless exploitative internships.

  3. Prada Meinhof

    What age is that fcuker and what pension is he on already? What a buffoon, acting like he has any control. Jack in the showboating in Europe please, you’re an about as relevant a representative as Darren Scully.

  4. creativebobbo

    I wouldn’t classify that as “freakishly” tall. Who doesn’t appreciate a tall blonde woman besides a short fat guy?

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