8 thoughts on “Anyone Fancy A Santa Hat Brownie?

  1. Fr. O'Sterity

    don’t mind if I do. Ah yes, once again the true spirit of christmas pervades. Let us all join together in one big nomnomnomnomnomnom. Peace of cake on earth and good wine to all men. Through-oo him wi-ith him i-in him, in the unity of the ho-oly spi-irit ect ect.

  2. mfla

    The link to the recipe installs a trojan. don’t click on it. Santa brownies my arse. Shame on you broadsheet.

    1. Niall Murphy

      We can’t detect one mfla. And neither Neatorama nor Buzzfeed (who are also hosting the link) have put up warnings. Anyone else having trouble with this?

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