Harold’s Cross: Rebel Fighters Only


David Doyle sez:

It’s not that it made me sad, but kinda wonder as to why they’d have to ban TIE Fighters (or 5 TIE Fighters) from Harold’s Cross Bridge.

24 thoughts on “Harold’s Cross: Rebel Fighters Only

  1. Paul H

    Well, obviously this is because at peak times this is a shuttle and civilian spacecraft only route.

    Plus those imperial pilots get a bit narky when they gather in groups of five or more. Bloody fly boys.

  2. Jockstrap

    What is this, Reeling in the Internet? This joke was cracked about a day after those signs were put up.

  3. Dave, Dublin

    Just what I need, how am I meant to make the Kessel Run now? It’ll take way more than 12 parsecs if I have to take the bridge at Crumlin Road.

  4. Haggis10000

    The correct name is Robert Emmet Bridge…not Harolds Cross Bridge.. Harolds Cross Bridge N’existe pas.. it is a figment of DCC imagination.. like a lot of other things.. check it out.

      1. rugbyfan

        Dead right. I still call The Aviva Lansdowne Road!
        And as for the pedantics out there…cheer up it’s Christmas!

  5. ElZilcho

    Lads, don’t be silly.

    This is a sign banning lorries with 5 axles or more.

    No-one’s banning TIE fighters – that’d be health-and-safety gone mad.

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