Occupy Thomas The Tank Engine


Mike McG writes:

Kids are cracking down on Thomas under orders from the fat (1%) controller. Thomas is the 99%.
Spotted in Smyths toy store by an uncle who is desperately seeking Simpsons monopoly for his godson. No one has it!

5 thoughts on “Occupy Thomas The Tank Engine

  1. read twice

    Oh yeah.
    You think this is funny.
    I think this is funny.
    But the kids, man! The kids will grow up thinkin….


  2. The lady

    I’ve got a once used perfect condition Simpsons monopoly I’d be happy to hand over, I’ll send my contact details to broadsheet if ye want it?

    1. WeepinglikeImWatchingAsoppyMovie

      That is so lovely! Miracles do happen at Christmas ….

      ….either that or she is a mad axe-woman who will post a horses head to your address….

  3. The lady

    …or the telltale head of Jebediah Springfield…
    But no, really, I’m reasonably sane and it’s a genuine offer

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