Harvey there using his Irish business to import tax free video games into Australia. Probably doesn’t remember even saying this stuff.

GST = goods and service tax.

Harvey Norman Peddles GST-Free Computer Games (The Age)

Harvey Norman Launches Online Game-Seller Site, In Competition With Own Stores (News.Com AU)

Thanks Aran B and Mark Geary

9 thoughts on “Hardly Normal

        1. PuntPrinter

          Exactly the same as VAT. It is quite a contentious issue in Ozland as I recall it was only introduced in late 90s or early 00s

  1. davey

    Has it something to do with getting around the censorship laws in Australia?
    They cant sell games rated 18s or some shite like that

    1. Aran

      It’s tax free… (and there for cheaper) GST is the Australian version of VAT…. Australian law states that any goods under the value of a AUS$1000 can be imported from companies based outside Australia.. in this case, his Irish subsidiary…

  2. Sido

    Ho Ho – It is with some reluctance that I choose to allow myself and my customers to evade tax.
    I have been forced into this move by the ridiculous stand on taxation taken by the Australian government.

    I was speaking to Bono the other day …. etc etc

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