14 thoughts on “Twas Literally The Night Before Christmas

  1. heskeepingquiet

    I like aul Bono, though is he is keeping fairly quiet about 99% of us poor minions owned by the banks?

    Ah wait a minute…. perhaps that $1bn of Facebook & Forbes stock that EP own along with GS may explain it…

    Maybe more sustainable action over e.g. sovereignty/ issues, rather than in to Monsant’s terminator $eeds and funny Pharma’ vac-products would be better, no?

  2. Stevie G

    Them arseholes would raise a lot more by paying some tax! Wouldnt do much for their egos, but its not about egos……oh wait…….

  3. Tugim

    I am here to wish all the very sad begrudgers here a happier and joy filled 2012. Chin up leads.
    Don’t be afraid of beauty and good.

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