2012: Already Terrible


RTE 1 (50 years old today) literally minutes ago ringing in the new year with a show that featured Red Hurley, Crystal Swing, Fr Brian Darcy and the Brendans Grace and Bowyer.

32 thoughts on “2012: Already Terrible

  1. HectorRamirez

    I wonder with the amount of Repeats RTE will try and get away with this year under the umbrella of celebrating 50 years, will they go back to charging the Licence fee that was in operation 50 years ago as a special 1 off?

  2. Bob

    I get we are a small country but come on, BBC 1 got 10 minutes of amazing fireworks and music, the folks watching RTE 1 lgot an old folks home counting down and then Miriam was interviewing Biddy from Glenroe….couldn’t we have linked to the live concert we’re trying to promote as an annual event, or anything that represents a modern country not the remnants of the last 50 years of rte…..ok gripe over, happy new year y’all

    1. MrsS

      Linked to the College Green event there would have been up to 20 minutes of roadies taking things off / putting things on a stage…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    1. What The

      I emigrated 24 years ago. The only ‘new’ act listed above, that could not have been there back then is Crystal Swing……which proves how bad/sad the show was. I would be angry about the RTE license fee, their ridiculous pay to their ‘stars’, Savage having a conflict of interest senior role………etc.

  3. Sido

    A celebration of lousy TV then!
    I suppose you could argue that there is no point in trying to compete against the BBC at New Year.
    And this argument would cut some ice if the wankers who made this rubbish weren’t all paid bags of money.

  4. Fix this State

    Sweet Jesus that was bad. Why could rte not show college green and a countdown by real people who are not ready for the grave. A celebration of 50 years of shite.

  5. Garrett

    Great value all the same – programming targeting the age group who don’t pay for their tv licenses . . .

    1. Sido

      Well really – It must be terrible to be an old person and be targeted by RTÉ’s patronising shite!

      1. Zuppy International

        It’s terrible to be anybody targeted by the RTE patronising shite machine.

        I don’t know anybody who actually watches the thing anymore, including pensioners.

  6. Me

    Moan moan gripe moan. Shaddup the lot of you. They probably didn’t link to College Green because of copyright issues and expense. As for the beeb, of course they linked to fireworks, they have Big Ben in Britain for Christ sake! There is no focal point in Ireland on New Years Eve.

  7. Miles O'Tool

    That was a bad sad programme.

    RTE have yet to produce a decent New Years programme.

    I would prefer to look at the test card

  8. The Horror

    The RTE NYE show was the best comedy in years. A re-run of Father Ted would have been better though

    1. Frilly Keane

      D’ja know what, I’d love ta’see The Riordans again

      Even t’just hear the theme tune. Loved it.
      Minnie n Batty
      Tom n Mary
      Francie, Jude, Benjie. The Canadian ‘wan….

  9. Bambina

    When I switched over to this show and I thought it was impressive how boring it was. It takes effort to make a NYE show *that* boring. I thought the whole thing was going to end in a mass suicide, which ironically would have pepped the party up a bit.

  10. Sylvia

    RTE was dire over Christmas. Did anyone see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock on (I think) Stephen’s night? B.r.u.t.a.l. Really, is that schlock the best they can do? Then some other sh*te with Grainne Seoige (yawn) and Katherine Thomas (nice girl but basically yawn eile) talking about tv programmes of their youth. RTE talking about RTE ad nauseam. I’m getting rid of the telly in 2012.

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