12 thoughts on “So There’s These Guys

    1. John Gallen

      It’s a tad naff/ gimmicky at least… let’s be honest.

      No, wait, Diversity are still going …and making good money! Oh, well then, it’s absolutely brilliant!!

      (PS – In no way am I criticising the hours of practice put in by dancers trying / plying their trade / talent)

  1. Iwerzon

    How do you know they are Protestants?

    Because they look like they are???? I think he’s joking.

  2. Carolus-Duran

    The women’s make-up has to go if they want to look modern; Krystle style maquillage looks contemporary nowhere on the planet but TV3 and Harcourt Street.

  3. Angie

    Harsh crowd. I loved this, it’s a sexy new feel for Irish dance. Maybe it just appeals to women who aren’t makeup critics but you have to appreciate that at least they are trying to bring a new audience to the Irish dance style.

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