Lisa Sheppard writes:

This is my 81-year-old-grand Aunt Maureen from Gibbstown in County Meath doing the Nevis bungee swing in New Zealand! She did it because they had a sign saying “free for anyone over 75”.

They had said at the Nevis swing they haven’t had anybody older than her doing it! She said it was very relaxing and would highly recommend it!

13 thoughts on “She’s Irish AND 81

  1. Eamonn

    If I was a cynical old B I would say “typical auld wans looking for something for free”

    I’m not, so all I’ll say is RESPECT GRANDMA!

  2. Jockstrap

    Bungee jumping – a poor replacement for doing something genuinely interesting and challenging.

    “I did a bungee jump”

    How come you’re still uninteresting then?

      1. Jockstrap

        Oh am I bad man for not jumping on the band wagon?

        Bad man. Bad man for having a different opinion.

        If anything, fawning over granny doing a bungee jump is patronising.

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