36 thoughts on “Shit Irish Gay Guys Say

    1. Mr Meh

      WORD. Completely terrible- the others were funny because there were things you recognise. This guy cant be gay- I’m gay and I don’t know anyone who says the things this guy is coming out with- shite.

  1. CJ

    Its supposed to be comedy, or satire…right? But what a very narrow representation; if not – in 2012 – wholly unreal. Lady Gaga, a series of unsophisticated sexual innuendos and various stereotypical ‘fag’ hooks, eg, the girl friend, the pitch of the voice, the limp wrist – general mincing (ref GimmeGimme); all point to the fact that certain elements of the gay community have failed to look beyond those expectations imposed by others or perhaps historically were assumed for reasons that no longer now exist. Or perhaps, a certain age cohort of the gay community identify with these elements?

    Politics, GAA, Dunnes Stores Clothes, Straight friends, regular wrists; farming, etc could equally have applied.

    My tuppence’ worth,
    A Gay Showing His Age.

    1. Rory

      Agreed. Some gay lads are quite camp which is fair enough but it’s irritating when that stereotype is used a shorthand for all gay men. From experience younger people can be confused about their sexuality identity as they can’t associate with the more ‘glitter & gaga-loving’ crowd but assume this is what life in the ‘gay-world’ is like. I think it’s great people like Gareth Thomas are now in the public eye as it shows there are as many different types of gay men as there are straight men & sexuality doesn’t have to define your personality.

      1. Smiler

        Have you seen Gareth Thomas recently?! Makeup and big teeth and waistcoats. Long way from the fullback he used to be, though you’d still drain his pipes. Etc etc.

  2. Jockstrap

    Sakes. Are we supposed to think gay people make constant references to sex and sexuality? Hetro people don’t so why would gay people?

    I don’t go around going hey hey everyone I’m hetrosexual, oooh look at that chick, I’d like to.. blah blah.


    1. James

      I agree!
      That video makes me sick to my core. What is that guys problem. Nothing more annoying than a gay man reinforcing a sex crazed and stupid stereotype. It is embarrassing to watch.

  3. Louis

    While I don’t find the piece particularly humourous, I do hope that commentators refrain from reflecting a certain “femmephobia” as the whole “straight-acting” debacle is like a cancer in the gay community. I think we’re all big enough to realise that gay people come in all shapes and sizes and in terms of behaviour, can occupy every point in the spectrum from very masculine to very feminine. Don’t be fooled though by the current hipster inspired trend toward beards and muscle…snigger.

    1. Mr Meh

      It’s not that at all- the whole point of what made these videos so popular is that the phrases were instantly familar and recognisable- this guy has made some sort of 1970s comedy character and stuck in a load of saying I for one as a homo of 12 years, have never heard in my life- it’s terrible.

      1. Louis

        Like you Mr Meh, I must admit that I have rarely, if at all, heard any of these remarks but my point was merely a general observation that while the content is ripe to be critiqued, I think this young fellow should be spared the highly personalised insults.

        1. Mr Meh

          I agree the personal insults are a bit much but this video has got a real nasty edge about it- it’s like the guy has a sterotypical idea of what an “irish gay guy” is and then fits in all these sex obsessed lines and phrases that are not recognizable or in common use. He seems to have missed the entire point of observational comedy and just decided to laugh at his narrow view of gay people. I would not be surprised if he is either straight or has some internal homophobia issues.

          1. Mr Meh

            Actually, forget I wrote that- I just watched his “offending lesbians” video and he seems to actually be the twat in this video, or he wants to be known as this sort of character hoping that he will become “king of the web” whatever that is. I think some younger gays think you can have the caustic attitude of a drag queen without the drag (and talent).

  4. Smiler

    From my own pretty extensive experience, this is exactly how most Irish working class gays carry on. It’s also how quite a lot of Irish middle class gays carry on when they’re “camping it up”. Any gay who doesn’t occasionally carry on like this has a stick up his arse. Oh wait…

    1. Mr Meh

      Great, all this guys friends have shown up to defend this turd. Take your trolling to the youtube comments.

      1. Smiler

        Not sure I’m the one trolling here buddy. Anyway I do not know this guy and ‘m not defending him at all. However if you’ve been out for 12 years and the overuse of ‘fab’, for one, hasn’t regularly given you murderous thoughts then you’re clearly deaf. The rest of the ‘shite’ he’s exaggerated for effect – as in most of these videos. For Madonna’s sake, get that stick out of your arse, purleease. Etc etc.

  5. Al

    This video was completely lost on me the second I realised HE’S OUTSIDE THE SU BAR IN MAYNOOTH. Then I curled up in a ball and cried because I miss the SU so much. Someone bring me back *sobs*

  6. Kieran

    Now I like to believe I’m some authority on the gay world being a gay myself and I have to say that was the funniest shit says video, for me at least. It’s obviously not meant to be accurate, like I doubt he goes around saying hey baby girl.

  7. Procrastinator

    This is so hollow. Completely reinforcing stereotypes and the efforts to make them funny…vacuous at best


    If you want to see what Irish gays say go straight to Bord Na Mona for your information. They have their finger on the pulse.

    1. mr meh

      Famous Irish gay guy Tommy Tiernan? Shame this guy didnt know you are supposed to steal from the best and not the very very worst.

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