Scenes From The Receivership


Above: City Mode on Middle Abbey Street; another space for let in the GPO Arcade; Home Store on Dublin’s Millenium Walkway and a trio of recent closures on Dublin’s Capel Street – Foodplus, Wolfes Irish Artisan Bistro and Excel furniture store.

According to figures from business intelligence analyst, Vision-net earlier this year, 1,930 Irish companies closed in 2011 – 160 companies every month.

(Photocall Ireland)

20 thoughts on “Scenes From The Receivership

    1. CuppaSoop

      But what was the monthly rate of business closure before the crash? Surely the measure we really care about is businesses opening vs businesses closing?

  1. ElizaF

    Grand, thanks for the doom and gloom shots. It’s January, life is sh*** and we’re all going to end up as worm food ya ya yah.

    Now how about a good news feature? How about shops opening? How about an initiative in hardship piece? How about providing a small bright ball of fire in a grey sea rather than more mud for an already muddied target.

  2. Aoigegma

    City Mode have been “clothing” down/closing down for the last year! They seem to be in a constant state of closing.

      1. Niall

        Sad to hear that … could’ve sworn I had lunch there in December though, maybe getting my dates wrong. Had a little gander on my way back from work, it’s gutted now, looks like someone may be fixin’ to move in. Not the greatest of locations for that kind of place, though.

  3. Sandy Bridge

    You’ll have a full time job following Jay Bourke and Eoin Foyle around town with this one, Broadsheet.

  4. Grainne_wailing

    When I was a student in Cork, there was a leather shop (coats, jackets etc) that always has neon yellow “Closing Sale” “Everything must go” “50% off everything” signs up. 4 years I was there, and 4 years they had these signs up.

    I was looking at something on Streetview in December and “passed by” this shop so as of 6 months ago, the signs were still there and all the lights were still on.

    Hopefully there is some of the same codology going on with these shops too…

  5. Jonjo

    There’s a shop on Liffey Street selling really cool t-shirts with slogans like ‘If found, please return to bar’. It’s had Closing Down signs up for at least 6 years now.

    1. Grainne_wailing

      1980 faxed and asked me to tell you; that is a t-shirt slogan that only a plonker would find cool.

      1. Conguill

        So if 1980 doesn’t think it’s cool, does that mean that 2012 does? Or are 2012 and 1980 at similar points on the cycle?

        Maybe every year thinks that such t-shirts aren’t cool but why hone in on 1980’s disapproval in particular?

        Is that even an appropriate use of a semicolon?
        So many questions…..

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