Tired of boring old news from Earth? Consistently failing to make the scene on other planets?

The icon that’s missing from your smartphone is the Mars Images App – bringing you the very latest visuals from the red planet.

On Mars since 2004, NASA’s Opportunity rover has far exceeded its planned mission life and is still making groundbreaking discoveries, such as the recent ‘unambiguous’ evidence that water once flowed on Mars. Developed by computer scientist Mark Powell of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the app also allows you to browse older photos from the rover’s archive.

Free and available for IPhone/iPad and Android phones .

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4 thoughts on “The Mars App

  1. Just sayin'

    One of the Android Market reviewers was complaining that the photos were in black and white. They’re almost live from MARS dude!

  2. well

    So basically it retrieves photos from a particular web address, couldn’t anyone with browser on phone just link in anyway/

    who am i kidding im downloading it already..

  3. Timmy

    It’s not a terribly well done app, but its pictures from MARS, taken by ROBOTS and they’re in my pocket. Thats pretty fricken awesome.

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