Catholics Hit Back



The Irish Examiner sought to view, under the Freedom of Information Act, all letters and emails received by Mr Gilmore on the subject in the 12 days after the announcement of the decision.

A total of 102 records were released, 95 of which criticised the decision to close the embassy and just seven of which were supportive. In percentage terms, that meant 93.1% of the responses were critical and 6.9% supportive.


Public Decries Closure of Embassy Of The Vatican (Paul O’Brien, Irish Examiner)

18 thoughts on “Catholics Hit Back

  1. Orieldude

    103% of journalists have no working knowledge of maths, stats or science; my random poll of one person confirms it

  2. Shane

    One of my colleagues just complained that he doesn’t like sugar in his tea. I presume this means 100% of my colleagues don’t like sugar in their tea.

  3. Paddywhackery

    Wish I’d a thought of writing a critical letter to Gilmore, or ten critical letters. Might have helped increase the percentage. This guy hates the Church, lumping the Vatican in with Iran and East Timor. I mean, does he think we’re all a bunch of gobshites? Well, it goes without saying that he does, as he told the US embassy one thing and the Irish public the exact opposite (on the need to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty).

    1. RainyDay

      So do we need an embassy to the North Pole (for Santy) and maybe a consulate for the Tooth Fairy too?

    2. cluster

      So what if he hates the Church?

      Presumably the reason that 93% of letters to Gilmore on the subject were critical is because the broad mass of people (like me) didn’t bother writing a letter to say well done.

  4. Holly

    Catholics hit back? Really? How? Did they only put 2p in the collection plate?

    (and other important questions of the day: Hang on where’s the punt gone? What am I going to do with all these large silver coins with a picture of a stag on them?)

  5. woesinger

    Someone needs to introduce the Examiner to the concept of sampling bias.

    As the story involves the volatile and often tragic mix of journalists and statistics, it’s more reasonable to assume ignorance rather than malice.

  6. Kramer

    Do Ministers actually get letters from people telling them they approve of decisions? Surely its implied that people really only write protest letters.

    Seems the Examiner aspires to be the Indo now.

    1. Daithi

      The Examiner has been worse than the Indo for a long time now.

      It’s reaching for the Daily Mail gold standard of sensationalism and shitty journalism at this stage.

  7. Louis

    What utter twaddle. Letters from SPUC /Youth Defence and the Iona Institute now constitute public opinion? The only thing this article achieves is to whip up Father Ronan Mullen and David Quinn into a frenzy…

  8. nslatz

    I feel a campaign coming on, Tánaiste Gilmore’s address:

    Office of the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade,
    Iveagh House,
    80 St. Stephen’s Green,
    Dublin 2.


    Can we call it Operation Occupy Inbox? Pleeease?

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