18 thoughts on “Eden Quay, Dublin, 1897

  1. ahh feck

    Why oh why did Fianna Fáil have to get rid of the trams?! Just one more reason to hate them I guess.

    1. Jockstrap

      You can be sure most people then thought trams were outdated when buses became better and new routes didn’t depend on track laying.

      Hindsight is 20/20 vision.

      The Merkins had trams in most cities until GM and Chrysler bought up the tram companies and closed the lines so people would be more dependent on their products.

      Companies involved in construction and supplies for road building had a similar effect in Ireland through their intensive lobbying of government against investing in public infrastructure. And now we housing estates poorly served in buses and trains. Tallaght was effectively cut off from Dublin right up to the early 90s.

    2. Cathal Dunne

      Exactly. Dublin had one of the best tram systems in Europe at the time and we could have built on it during independence but instead decided to destroy it in an act of supreme stupidity.

      1. Odradek

        Those trams were built by the filthy British and so had to be destroyed.
        Same with the railways.
        FF always hated anything like that.
        It’s only through luck that any of Georgian Dublin survived at all.


        By the 1930s, plans were discussed in Éamon de Valera’s government to demolish all of Merrion Square, perhaps the most intact of the five squares, on the basis that the houses were “old fashioned” and “un-national”. They were only saved by Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939 and a general lack of capital and investment; the plans were put on hold in 1939 and forgotten about by 1945.

        The decision in the late 1950s to demolish a row of Georgian houses in Kildare Place and replace them with a brick wall was greeted with jubilation by a republican minister at the time, Kevin Boland, who said they stood for everything he opposed.

    1. John Gallen

      They were here all along apparently… but to lay claim to say they were here first would be just idiotic on so many levels. Still, that didn’t stop RTE from producing a documentary that gave people that impression… tut, tut!

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