Vincent Browne In Da House (Video)



Could you explain why the Irish people are inflicted with this burden?”

Klaus Masuch (top) from the European Central Bank enjoys a demonstration of haranguing from Vincent Browne at the troika (ECB/IMF/EU) press conference this afternoon in government buildings.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)
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28 thoughts on “Vincent Browne In Da House (Video)

  1. read twice

    That “they” continue to avoid answering that question still riles me.
    Still. At least we live in a democracy: if a government elects to act against the national interest, we can throw them out and vote in an alternative government that continues to act against the national interest.

    1. Andrew

      I don’t think we can take issue with the ECB, they set down standards and hope they are adhered to. Like any bargain, they begin at a point which is most favourable to them and expect to be whittled down to some sort of compromise. I think what is truly objectionable is that instead of engaging actively with this process, our government (and they operate on a historically established precedent which conditions them to do so) intends to make themselves the teacher’s pet of the EU instead of driving the hard bargain that this country so obviously needs.

  2. Miles O'Tool

    If I hear the pious referrals to looking after the interests of the “most vulnerable in our society” again I will vomit.

    Over the last few weeks I have witnessed how vulnerable people have been treated by the decimated medical system.

    It is disgusting, immoral and shameful how our citizens are being neglected to help maintain healthy balance sheets for European banks.

    People are already dying from neglect, lives have been ruined, dreams shattered, people have taken their own lives in despair at their situation.

    But, happy days, the Troika are satisfied!

  3. Barry Burke

    What a sham. It took Vincent to erase the smile from their faces, so much for Enda, Eamonn and Michael; wasters.

  4. Refinej

    It makes me more than just a little bit sad to think that this can happen in this day and age and we are doing nothing, literally nothing, to stop it. The resulting carnage of the business decisions imposed on us is evident in every closed business, every vacant building, every job loss, every suicide due to financial strain, every overcrowded ward, every immigrant flight, every sleepless night young parents experience as the situation worsens.
    Vincent you are a hero. You have the courage of your convictions and rightfully earn your title as an investigative journalist. If there were more like you, Ireland would be in much better shape.

  5. Flembo

    All I here is “ah ah ah aaah aaah ah” …….”ah ah ahah ” … “ah ahahah” .. Im thinking too much money spent on twitter/fb/social network conferences and less on ah speaking and presentation ah.

  6. barr

    “We’re on target”, translate to my mind as “You are the target”

    Use to watch si fi movies to see a dystopia future…now flick on RTÉ to watch these harbingers of debt doom….

  7. Conor

    Are there any lawyers out there looking at the legality of the gaurantee scheme. For example does our promise to the Anglo Bond holders still stand in the light of all of Anglos illegal actions. Its akin to dealing in stolen property…contracts after the property has been stolen…have no ligitemacy and the property goes back to its rightful owner. Remember a lot of this was done in haste and there are bound to be holes in it.

    1. Andrew

      I think the problem is that this decision lies in the hands of the Government, who are essentially the law makers in this state. Effectively they will follow the party whip or the program for government and any legal obstacle that stands in their way will be legislatively sidestepped. If the financial concerns of this country lay in the hands of a body who wasn’t concerned with “Ireland’s position within the EU” I think a number of legal avenues would miraculously present themselves.

  8. Fonglespore

    The whole question, question, question followed (eventually) by answers format of the presser is a heap of steaming horse shite. By the time the waffling answers arrive everyone has forgotten the questions and no-one can tell if they’ve been answered or not.

    It’s fairly safe to assume they haven’t but you’re never sure.

  9. Tom Red

    The Question:
    “Did your taxi driver tell you how the Irish people are bewildered that we are required to pay unguaranteed bond holders billions of euro for debts that the Irish people have no relation to, or no bearing with, primarily to bail out or ensure the sovereignty of European banks. And if the taxi driver had asked you that question, what would be your response?”

    The answer given:
    “I can understand that this is a difficult decision to be made by the government and there’s no doubt about it, but there are different aspects of the problem to be balanced against each other and I can understand that the government came to the view that all in all, the costs for the Irish people, for the stability of the banking system, for the confidence in the banking system of taking certain action in this respect which you are mentioning, could likely have been much bigger than the benefits for taxpayer which of course would have been there.
    So the financial sector would have been affected, the confidence of the financial sector would have been negatively affected and I can understand that there was a difficult decision but that the decision was taken in this direction.”

    So the answer is to pay your bills and other people’s bills too or else the big boys won’t be happy with you and then things could be a lot worse.
    I’m no economist, but isn’t that extortion?
    The practice of obtaining something, esp. money, through force or threats.

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