Don’t Fancy Yours Much


Two female action figures from US toy company MEGO – a dominant force in the 1970s action figure market. The examples above are the before (left) and after (right) results of a rare recall and ‘re-sculpture’.

The initial versions were just deemed that fugly.

Wonder Woman (and for pity’s sake let’s just assume that hand was designed to hold a lasso of truth) you probably recognise. The second figure  – believe it or not – is Daisy (Catherine Bachman) from the Dukes of Hazzard.

MEGO filed for bankruptcy in 1982.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Fancy Yours Much

      1. droid

        Thats frightening. Was his gobshitery so extreme that it was able to travel back in time, randomly branding itself onto the faces of plastic figurines as it went like some kind of horrific leprechaun spectre?

    1. maro

      Yeah, I know, the Daisy on the right is obviously more attractive, but the one on the left looks like she’s be more fun in bed. Hang on…

  1. maro

    Haha! Wait, now that I look at it, the Daisy on the left and myself are not terribly dissimilar. Oh.

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