RTE Guide. Only Better


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RTE One, tomorrow night.

The winners of our ‘Monkey Tennis’ challenge.

Thanks all.

Crafted by hand by James M Chimney.

21 thoughts on “RTE Guide. Only Better

  1. HectorRamirez

    Ah jaysus lads, I never knew about this…..

    Grace Under Fire and Mein Garden are special favourites!

  2. Sido

    You Bastards Broadsheet – You are clearly pirating copyright material of RTE – For your own sinful ends. And I bet you don’t even have a TV Licence?

  3. Helen

    Which of the Healey-Rae’s will be presenting The Roads of Tralee?
    Don’t suppose it matters really, they’re all inter-changeable…..

  4. Continuity Jay-Z

    I’d like to thank the director, blainead herself, you are a strong beautiful woman regardless of what Sheena Keane says about you. I’d like to thanks Brian, seanie, Sean, ummmmm, bertie, Michael, love you Fingers, the Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviour, Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay for beliving in my vision, I’d like to thank the people of Clara, The warm beautiful people of Clara….stop the music…Oh No…I’ll forget someone. I’d like to thank RTE for allowing the crisis to incubate without any investigations or questions into our elite’s grand vision for this country. Thank you all, you are all beautiful. God Bless!

  5. Holly

    Mock the Weak – Mmmmnananmmmhhh – Making that half-strangled noise you make when you are in a quiet office full of people and want to burst your backside laughing….

  6. H

    Someone please tell me that Mock the Weak is an imaginary programme added to the guide by a disgruntled employee, it cannot seriously be real…………

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