The Troika Box



3 thoughts on “The Troika Box

  1. dangermse

    Maybe the Govt. should send a Trokia box to all the school kids and get them to put money in it for lent…

  2. @FrillyKeane

    Those collection boxes should be given to classrooms in Norway, Germany, US, Canada, Holland and Russia. Etc etc
    Ireland is need of its own emergency appeal.

    Mind you it’ll be 2 more years before any Celebrity commentary will recognise as a Developing Country. By then there’ll be nothing left to sell.

    So who’s in charge? Payroll increments. That’s what. October 2008 was our moment. We missed it.

    Is there a green geansaí powerful enough?

  3. gym

    The Irish Examiner mixed the two up in an article in September, saying that Michael D. had been in a remote area of Columbia doing work for the Troika. Ha! They’ve corrected it in the online archive though, presumably because it made them look stupid.

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