Browne’s Takedown Goes Global


Irish Journalist Humiliates EuroBank Technocrat Who Won’t Stop Ducking Hard Question (Boing Boing)

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15 thoughts on “Browne’s Takedown Goes Global

  1. SOMK

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate this marvelous, marvelous man should post-haste engage in the consumption of several bags of dicks. 100% Legend!

  2. Gerry Cournane

    Vincent Browne is the only person of note fighting the cause for the slaves in Ireland . Where are all the church leaders who should be talking about the greatest theft in world history , namely the robbery of our money to give it to private gamblers . As regards the guardian of the constitution , namely our well paid President he has retired to the park and obviously sees no injustice in this .

    1. Crested Ted

      Agreed the only journalist to stick it to Bertie ‘The dog ate my homework’ Ahem

      Excellent attack on the Eurocrats

  3. Nell496

    Vincent has always been THE man to ask the questions of Haughey, Ahern, McGuinness et all Where were all the OTHER Journalists during that “Press Conference”. Struck dumb!!! Lots of them “talk the talk” in Newspapers, Radio and TV, but where were “you lot” last Thursday. No one stepped in to continue Vincent’s line of questioning when “Irish” Brenda (?) Nolan tried to stop him. Well done Vincent. Real LEGEND!!!!

  4. Commissioner Frilly Keane

    Oh would Ye shut up. Yere embarrassing.

    Hello, Magill and Dubliner subscribers???

  5. Diabhal

    Is Vincent Browne our Braveheart?
    We should definitely get him and Brendan Gleeson together. You’d never know what might happen.

  6. Ineverthoughidenduphere

    Should be remembered he sold his home to pay off his debts, not something the many weasels who got us into this mess are ever likely to do.

  7. Sido

    Who is the EU bureaucrat mouth piece here? Does anyone have her e mail address. I fancy giving her my views on her performance!

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